Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Celebrate your name week

I figured since I'm not watching the kids today that I'd join in on the celebration of names week that Sam (with Friday) mentioned on her blog.


- Eclipse's name came from Alex's favorite videogame name of Eclipticrain. I also really liked the name, it's unusual and I'm used to 'unusual' or "wierd" names from GDB.

- Eclipse means to make less outstanding or important by comparison; surpass; outshine; overshadow

- Eclipse is not on baby name sites, understandably.

- Eclipse's nicknames include 'Cip, 'Clipse, Buddy, E'cip

- Eclipse is also the name of a software platform, popular book, Mitsubishi, and a celestial obscuring of one body by another.

- The main other candidate for Eclipse's name was Eurche (Yor-ick). However, it could be difficult to say with a speach impediment.


- Elly is a variant of Eleanor (Greek), Ella (Old German), Ellen (Greek), and Helen (Greek)

- Elly means sunray; shinging light; or foreign

- Elly (spelled Ellie) is on 1800 name lists, has been rated 5898 times, and is rated #174 on the most recent SSA

- Elly was named by Joy.

I have more names I could have fun with, Eva, Evett, Echo (also a car, btw), Eola (a winery in salem, no meaning), Kira, Teddy, etc. But I'll stop with the two ADITs I have with me right now. *grin*

Ally w/ Eclipse, Elly, Teddy & Kira