Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Day In Life

With Eclipse.

We generally have a fairly laid-back, nothing doing day. Yesterday, however, was a bit more fun.

Eclipse went to bed Tuesday night around 10:30 or 11, although I don't remember which He wears a regular nylon collar at night because the martingale chain, his tag and the tie-down hook make far too much noise for Alex and I to sleep through.... He looks good in green!

After he went to bed for the night at some point he grabbed the little piece of fleece blanket that was laying by his bed and pulled it in to curl up on. We woke up around 9:30 a.m. and got started with our day. We headed downstairs, pottied all three dogs and let Eclipse play in the den while I checked my e-mail and blogs.

Then Eclipse and I went and walked on the treadmill for ten minutes together. (I figure if he's walking on it and I'm standing there watching I may as well walk with him) After ten minutes he gets let off and I continue on. Eclipse had different ideas and kept trying to jump back on with me, little wierdo.

After that he ate his breakfast and went out to hurry again. Teddy and Kira were fed their breakfast then Alex and I decided it was a good day to go out to Whistler's Bend park and play the disc golf course. Well, Alex would play it, Eclipse and I would tag along. We wanted to see if disc golf caddy would be a good alternate career for Eclipse (as shown in the picture from Tuesday night below) if the whole Service Dog thing doesn't work out.

So we gathered up bottled water, Eclipse's jacket, leashes, GL, long line, the discs and the camera. We hopped in the car and headed out.

It was a beautiful day in Southern Oregon (and Northern as I understand). This picture was accidental but turned out kind of cool.

We stopped on the way at 7-11 to get some chicken strips, tea and a gatorade for Alex and Eclipse enjoyed the cool tile floor. The lady wasn't the brightest and said "Just so you know, unless that is a special needs (?) dog we can't have him in here because..." at which time I interjected "he's a service dog in training" with a smile and she continued on "we have open food..." um... I've taken numerous PITs in there, no worries woman.

Then we got back in the car and headed the half hour-ish out to Whistler's Bend.

Alex made funny noises along the way and got Eclipse to cock his head and make funny faces...

Then we arrived at Whistler's Bend, ate two of the chicken strips between Alex and I, gave Eclipse some water and a chance to hurry, then practiced our sit-stays. Well, Eclipse did anyways.

Then practiced sit-stay despite Dad walking away, on a bridge in a beautiful place.

Practiced down-stay in the mud.

Practiced come on the way to get Mom's errant disc (the reason I don't play disc golf, but to satisfy Alex I had to throw at least one)
Eclipse got the zoomies in the mud, fun! I agree with Kelsey and Emily, Lab loops have nothing on golden zoomies!
We continued on our way (playing the holes (?) as we went. Why they're called holes I don't know, they're in fact baskets) through the shade and mud...
And found our way to the sun... The boys
Eclipse started doing voluntary downs when we stopped by the fifth hole...
and then there were plenty of opportunities for pictures! It was a gorgeous early spring day in a beautiful setting.
This is a typical Eclipse look. No, he doesn't have anything in his mouth, that's just his look :-)
When we got out of the trees for real he started looking for shade. By one of the benches.
We tried getting Eclipse to do an "up" on a basket, he did kind of with some help but he was very tired by hole 7...
but at one point he needed a pep talk :-D
Then we posed for another picture with a gorgeous background
Eclipse was adorable, yet again
We had him do a down-stay by one of the markers. Cutie
Eclipse then decided to follow his "parents" heritage (Alex is just over 1/2 native and I'm just over 1/4) and play peek-a-boo with the trees.
Decided to lay down and be cute
and then some shameless cuteness.
Then we hiked up a monstrous hill to get to hole 14 dubbed "the top of the world" for a reason. Eclipse decided to take another cute break.
Eclipse on the tee pad on the top of the world.
After Alex threw his discs it was then time to go back down the hill. Eclipse decided a break was necessary, yet again.
At the bottom Eclipse and I both decided we'd just sit and watch Alex :-D
Hole 16, another break, letting the people in front of us get a little further ahead.
By hole 17 he was looking for shade wherever he could... Mom's shadow would do...
Hole 18 had a Giant puddle in it, so we paused for a picture.
Got a snap of Eclipse looking less than his normal regal-self
Walking towards the basket with Dad
Then we got back to the car, Eclipse got to potty, get a drink and relax while Alex and I got a drink and ate the last chicken strip, then it was time to head home. Eclipse crashed immediately.
When we got home at around 3:45 he mustered up the energy to look outside with his duck for a couple of minutes
and then he crashed! He ate his dinner and then crashed again.
At 7:15 p.m. he went into his crate...
While Alex and I went to meeting which is generally on Thursdays but was switched this week.
We got home a little later than normal at 10 p.m. Hurried Eclipse and let him play for a bit. He loved on his baby bear for a bit
and aired out his ear to prevent ear infections
then decided to play with his duck. Another possible career, a hunting dog? ;-)
Then at 11:30 it was time for bed again.... sweet boy... I love every day with you!

A show of where the basket is. The top of the world shot is 600 ft, Eclipse is wondering if he can throw it that far....

Ally & Alex w/ Eclipse (who thinks his job is to pick up all the stray socks from everywhere), Teddy & Kira


  1. That was absolutely adorable to read and it was like watching a video of Eclipse's day just in freeze frames!! :)

  2. SUCH great photos! What a great way to document a fun day. Eclipse is an adorable puppy!

  3. How fun, Eclipse is freaking adorable!!! Sounds like a very fun and eventful day. :D

  4. Great pictures!!! Eclipse is getting SO big! It`s amazing how time flies with these guys.

  5. Eclipse is VERY cute! And you got some great shots of him! I love the one where he's laying on the bottom of the path. I've never heard of Disc Golf before, looks complicated! Keep up the great work with your little guy! :)

  6. What a cute little guy! All the photos are great. Sounds like he had a busy day!