Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I know Joy says we shouldn't apologize for not updating. However, I have to apologize for not posting many meaningful updates recently.

Eclipse and Elly are both doing very well. Elly is doing amazing on "hurrying" on command, Joy's obviously done a good job with that. She's also sitting on command nicely, waiting to eat until released, kenneling when told, working hard on "down", she's also walking well on leash, learning "here", "side" and "heel" and having a good time with us.

Eclipse is doing well with all of his commands, I need to work more on "paw", introduce "what?" more, and work on "back" in the "heel" and "side" positions but overall he's doing very very well!

He's also almost entirely used to his gentle leader, although we are going to work with high value treats tomorrow and friday in his gentle leader on his commands. We are going to teach him that, yes, you still must respond to commands, even with that blue stip of fabric on your nose

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Have a good night, the puppies are already crashed out!

Ally & Alex w/ Eclipse, Elly, Teddy & Kira