Wednesday, March 25, 2009


For the past 11 years the common phrase heard around here was "bring Stephanie home", well, they finally have.

On October 30, 1988 Stephanie Condon was abducted while babysitting her twin cousins in a town about 20 minutes south of here. She was fourteen. For years we've seen billboards, missing children's reports, new stories about Stephanie Condon. I was ten when she was abducted and I remember it vividly (not that I was there).

On March 13, 2009, they finally found her, the way everyone knew she would be found but everyone hoped wasn't true. Her bones were found off a logging road, in the same town Whistler's Bend (where Alex likes to play disc golf) is. By who other than a man walking his dog. They have a suspect in custody, let's hope they find Stephanie's abducter and subsequent killer to finally give her family some peace!

We only wish this would have ended a different way...

Here's the website her family made for her.

Ally & Eclipse

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