Sunday, March 29, 2009


Eclipse is having an aversion issue. He's been avoiding his jacket recently, despite us working every day for the past week with hot dogs trying to get him comfortable with getting dressed. We took him back to the very beginning, getting rewarded for putting his nose "in"/under the jacket, then progressively more. We weren't even requiring that he press into the chest strap like he should. He's also been reacting to his leather leash. (because it's used mainly for outings I believe).

So, we're stopping with the "dress" command for now. When we go on the treadmill he wears his jacket, when he gets a drink of water, he wears his jacket. When I walk around the house with him, I have the jacket in my hand. When we go on "training" walks (just up and down our street working on loose leash walking and about turns along with some other commands, I have the jacket in first the opposite hand then in the same one I'm holding his leash in. We don't use the dress command until Joy gives us the go ahead, probably not for at least a couple weeks.

He'll start wearing his jacket more and more (?) [He already wears it quite a bit] but only once he quits "stress panting" with it on, avoiding it when he sees it, etc. Joy said I can keep taking him on outings, I just have to put the jacket over his head and not request he "dress" himself. However, I think I'll lay off on the outings anyways as he's seeming more and more stressed on outings as well, with or without his GL on.

Does this pup simply not want to work? He's happiest when he's carrying a teddy bear around, grunting and dancing. He's also quite happy "just being a dog" at the park, wether that's walking with us disc golfing or just hanging out.

If he doesn't want to work, he has a home here with us, Joy's aware of the early signs and it's being addressed as much as possibly. I'm not letting this new issue affect the way I interact, train or regard him, albeit it's somewhat saddening/disappointing.

I know there's a number of pups with body sensitivity. Combine that with stress/uneasiness on outings, however, and you get a pup who simply doesn't want to work and is eventually career changed.

Keep the little guy in your thoughts (and his jacket, which is currently in the wash /wink/)

Ally & Eclipse

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