Monday, March 16, 2009

Momma's Boy to the Extreme!

So... Eclipse being the only pup in the program that's been with one person the entire time of his training (other than Flory, he's been with me the entire time other than the two hour drive from his breeder's to where Joy met us and introduced "our" puppies to Coreena and me) has been exhibiting some separation anxiety. If I leave the room (he's now left loose in the den if I'm leaving for less than ten minutes, if there's no water in a cup. Bottle is fine, cup means it'll get knocked onto the carpet) he kind of "yoddles" letting us all know his displeasure at being alone. If I need to run upstairs real quick or change the laundry or let the older dogs in or out I generally leave him with someone else for a couple minutes. Even then he keys on the way I left and is restless until I return. I can leave him loose in the living room, go clean up the front yard, go through the sliding glass door into the den and when I go in the laundry room and look through the window in the door to the kitchen he's standing there watching the window waiting for me to show up.

This will settle down next month as he'll need to be puppy-sat in Salem for a weekend, and then again in May for another weekend (maybe just one night and a day, depends on how the place is set up for the following two days). Then he'll be swapped. The first couple classes may be kind of rough as I tend to display separation anxiety too when away from "my" pup (Just kidding, I'll miss him but won't be displaying separation anxiety)

Eclipse is now regularly getting crated in a room other than the one I'm in. He's crated in the den while I shower or do laundry. He's crated upstairs at random times while I'm downstairs doing dishes or nothing specific.

Today we went to the disc golf course today for two hours and while there we worked on "heel", "side", "closer", "back" in a heel and side, "across", "turn", "paw", "up", "settle", and "leave it". We also worked on being attentive in the gentle leader and he did well. He has started "keying" on dogs until they're out of his sight instead of being fearful. Let's just say, it's a pain to re-direct him even in his gentle leader as he wants to keep on eye on the other dog. There was an off-leash pit bull at the park (Gorgeous dog! And very well behaved but the park has 6-foot or less leash law.) as well as an off-leash doodle of some sort, a leashed Great Pyrenees, two leashed Boxers and a random leashed mutt

Overall he did very well and even accepted cheese for "across", "turn", "paw", and "back" in a heel/side. It didn't work to re-direct him but that's not surprising. He wasn't overly distracted or overwhelmed and made me proud, standing in the mud on command and only sitting a couple times.

Here's a couple pictures of him doing an "up" on a basket (yes, I dyed my hair black, I need to put some brown or red highlights in it to break it up) and a tree stump.
^We tried getting a picture of him doing an "up" on the basket but the first one he was sniffing the chains. This one I'm rubbing his sides (not holding him up,although cute, not right) and Alex cut my head off (secret longing? )
^So then I knelt down so I could be in the picture (I have far too few pictures of me and Eclipse together) and he decided it was a good time to "kiss"
^and then he did what we wanted. He wanted to go to Dad as he was making funny noises thus the funny look on his face

^He did "up" willingly if I was right there, but if I stepped away got off. So then we worked on me sending him to an "up" from a couple feet away on the benches around the park. He got it and every time we passed on he'd look at me as if to say "want me to go up on that one now?" So cute!

Ally & Alex w/ Eclipse, Teddy & Kira

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  1. Hey Ally-Fay was the same way with me leaving. Just thought I would share what worked for us-treat dispensing toys. She gets a Tug-a-Jug every day when I leave for class and my roommate said that keeps her occupied for an hour and when she's done, she forgot that I left.

    Eclipse is such a cutie :)