Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Naked Boy

Sorry, blogger is being dumb and won't let me re-arrange the pictures, so they're all out of order. Here are pictures from Joy from the Salem Center class, and since.

^Eclipse always goes into the bathroom with me. Today he went in with me and sat on the rug as always and audibly farted (LOL, sorry if that's offensive, although you all should be dog people). He looked down at his rear like "what the heck was that!?!" and then started looking around the shower and rug to see what made that strange noise. This picture I got on accident as he farted a second time. Silly boy!

^Eva paying very nice attention to Coreena^

^Eola doing an "up-push" (just "up" at this point) on a door where the push plate is on the door^

^Evett working up the confidence on the escalator grate^

^Tabatha and Echo working on the stairs and the "Step" command.^

We were doing it wrong on the way down, Joy confused us :-D We've got it right now though^Eclipse and I working on the "step" command^ ^Joyce (in pink), Coreena w/ Eva & Me w/ Eclipse^ ^Evett working on her confidence earlier^ ^Joy taking Eclipse up the escalator for the first time. He was a little worried but recovered quickly^
^Another of Evett, through the glass^ ^Karen taking Eola up the escalator^
^Coreena with Eva on the narrow escalator^ ^Err... Dudley's raiser with Evett on the narrow escalator. Much more comfortable now^
^Eclipse and I on the narrow escalator. He did so good!^ ^Coreena and Eva working on the first escalator^ ^Mary with Fiona and Dudley's raiser with Evett working on "Go through"^

^Taken today^
He's been 'naked' for the past couple days other than when walking, pottying, going upstairs, or when on tie-down at night. He's also relieving strictly in his GL so he'll get over not wanting to. ^*sigh* Can I get up now, Mom?^
^Probably my Favorite picture of the boy thus far!^
^Handsom boy. 19 weeks 5 days/4.5 months^

^Watching someone walk by. (I really need to clean that sliding glass door! Cleaned the other one last week though)
^Chewing on a carrot. Poor boy's teeth are bugging him^

^"I'm a rabbit!"^
^He looks so grown up in this one^
^Practicing "Go to blanket" while I was doing the dishes (and taking breaks to take pics)^
^I don't think he could curl up any smaller^

^Alex and I took a mile and a half bike ride last night (first one in two years. Fun!) and when we got back I let Eclipse out of his kennel and he went and did this, immediately! You'd think he's just ran beside us, how tired he was acting. Granted, he's teething.

^Handsome boy^

^What his tooth looked like after chewing on his rawhide from Joy last night. It was gone this morning

^What Eclipse's rawhide looked like last night. Yum!^ ^Looks like he's sleeping but he's really chewing on that rawhide.

^Just chilling last night^

^Eating his dinner. Looking Much better!^
Ally & Alex w/ Eclipse, Teddy & Kira

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  1. Watty farts too. We have a dog that burps and it sounds like a human its so cute.