Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Oh my!

If you noticed the ticker above, it's right. Eclipse and his three siblings are five months old today! Eclipse is maturing nicely and we're having few to no dominance issues even with his higher testosterone levels.

We haven't done much today. He's chewing on his rawhide (yes, he still has it and quite a bit of it!) and has played with his baby bears quite a bit today. We also practiced being nice and calm with Teddy and Kira loose in the room. He was also introduced to his new Big Bear! This bear was actually on my bed with my little polar bear when my bedding was red and black, however, I'm not keeping teddy bears on my bed anymore, and it was just sitting in an extra bedroom. Because Eclipse is so very gentle with his stuffed animals I decided he'd get to cuddle with it in the short time we have left together. (6-8 weeks is all)

We are spending around a half hour every day working on cleaning up/solidifying Eclipse's commands for the upcoming pizza "party" meet and greet between the two classes. We'll also be introducing the dogs to one of Joy's clients who doesn't as of yet have a match. Hopefully one of the pups will mesh well with her! Other than that, not too much going on.

Here are a couple pictures from our little "photo shoot" sunday with Eclipse's big boy jacket on.

This color of blue looks very nice on him and he looks so very grown up! There's a ton of things that fit in his jacket, btw! His ID cards for the public, Alex and my trainer ID cards, a collapsable water bowl and four vegetable bag poop bags. I could put his GL in the jacket as well but it makes a little too "puffy". /smile/ He's actually doing well in public (not that he wasn't before, just some slight signs of insecurity/being overwhelmed) and is able to go more and more places (shorter outings generally) without his GL on. I still take it in my pocket but he's doing very well!

I think that's all from here!

Ally w/Eclipse (the OLD man!), Teddy (the Real old man!) & Kira (the old lady! /wink/)

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  1. He looks great in his new cape! He's such a dashing young fellow! :)