Sunday, March 22, 2009

Past Few Days

Haven't updated since A Day In Life... With Eclipse.

Thursday was fairly uneventful, just working on training with Eclipse, hanging out, feeling wierd that it wasn't Friday yet (since meeting was on Wednesday instead of Thursday it felt like Friday).

Friday, yet again another slow day. Got my Ipod working again, YAY! Worked on Eclipse's commands some and gave him his turn on the treadmill.

Saturday, Fun! I attempted getting up at 7:30. That didn't work and I ended up getting up closer to 8. Alex brought Eclipse down and relieved him, gave him breakfast, relieved him again and put him in his crate (poor baby! I meant to get up earlier to give him some treadmill time) then we took off for service from 9-12. Then the fun began *grin* Coreena and Max got here just before Alex and I got home and Coreena took Eclipse out to relieve for me. Then I changed, gave Eclipse a couple minutes on the treadmill, fed Teddy and Kira, got all Eclipse's things together (I thought) and while we waited for Tab to come to my house we went and filled the car up with gas. We had to come back to the house because Tab was gonna leave her 4-runner at my house and... I forgot treats for the kid, so I had to run and grab the treat bag, kibble and some cheese (thankfully already cut up as we were running late) and jumped back in the car. Then Tab decided she was leaving her rig at her grandma's in green, not at my house, so we followed her down there, she got in and we hit the road. I had already shared on Rockstar with Alex that morning in service and had another so I was on a bit of a "high" and talked/jabbered constantly. We got up to the Salem Center and parked in the parking garage (um... we missed it the first time but made it the second pass) and headed down the block... For some reason Tab and Coreena let me lead (lol) and I of course took us halfway around the block before Tab called Joy and we met up with Joy with Echo and Mary with Fiona right down the sidewalk from where we parked. LOL We stood there talking for a few minutes waiting for everyone else to show up. Mind you, the bus we were supposed to be riding was supposed to leave at 3:15, we barely got there in time, everyone else for the most would have missed it. But, as things go, the busses no longer run on Saturdays in Salem so we improvised (well, Joy did, we just followed instructions) and worked on things in the Salem Center again. It was a fun outing but I won't go into too much detail, just enjoy the pictures.
^Ron with Elly going down the escalator^

I have the hardest time with the word escalator! I call it an elevator, a treadmill, um... pretty much anything but escalator! Why? Because the closest one to us is a mile away!

^Coreena with Eva on the escalator, Mary with Fiona stepping on, Tab with Echo waiting for their turn again^

^All of us (except Joy) on the escalator. Ron and Elly got cut off thanks to Coreena's slow camera *frown* *wink*, Coreena with Eva, Me and Eclipse (yes, I'm looking down, my puppy turned around!), Karen with Eola, um... I forget her name (she's a puppy sitter) with Evett, Tab with Echo and Mary with the freight train Fiona *wink*^

Story behind that one; we got all 7! puppies into one small elevator at the parking garage and Mary said "excuse me, my puppy's longer than everyone else" (being the oldest), and she said it at other times. It was compared to turning a suburban versus a Geo Metro (LOL) so I started calling Fiona a freight-train! :-D

Then we exited that building, crossed the street to the left of us, and gave the pups an opportunity to relieve. Joy crossed the street and took the picture above. You can see Tab with Echo, Coreena with Eva, Me and Mary (sans pups?) but everyone else is hidden...

Then we worked the doors again. Eclipse is Almost tall enough! He did well though and maintained the up

^Mary with Fiona^

Karen with Eola (who is tall enough and will start learning the target soon.

Then we went down a ways, road the elevator to the second floor and then stopped in a hallway and practiced our, well, the pups', down-stays. The hallway sways by the way! Above is Eola, Echo, Eclipse, Fiona, Eva, Evett and Elly and Ron at the end. Joy walked over the leashes in front of the pups and they all did well! :-D
^Then we walked down to the food court, Joy re-arranged the design *wink* and we all sat and had our pups "go in". Front left is Ellie, then behind her is Eclipse, then Fiona. Front right is Echo, then Eva, then Evett and Eola is hiding.
Here we talked about any issues (deer hopping and dog distraction) then we all walked back to the parking garage and talked about next class. Next class will be with both Joy's classes (the "D" Litter and our class) at a pizza place where we'll have a competition of commands. So... Eclipse and I are working extra hard cleaning his commands up and sharpening his responses. We have two-ish weeks! Then we got Tab's dog food for Echo from Joy and Joy gave us another "big dog" jacket. The one she gave us has no pockets but has a "Do Not Pet Me I'm Working" patch on the top. Tab took that one for work and I got the one with pockets. YAY! No more leash luggage!
On the way home we stopped at PetsMart and may have recruited a new raiser for Joy. The woman and her husband had a gorgeous female lab and the woman was extremely interested so I gave her a card. She was very excited that she got to keep it! She also asked if you can raise if you have other dogs. I hope so! Cuz I got two! Echo was "woofing" at the other dogs outside (part of his testosterone thing) so he got to use Eclipse's "blue monster" and Eclipse was just on his collar.
I then got a potty break, the dogs got a drink of water then we went and browsed. Tab was looking for a new leash and while we were down that aisle a little stressed out bully breed mix of some sort snapped at the pups. (I have Nothing against bully breeds of any sort [other than the bull terrier and that's just because I don't like the way they look] but when people can't read them and have them in harnesses when they're stressed it bugs me! Gives them a worse rep then they already have) Then we went down the toy aisle and she tried to bite Eva! GRRR... The owner's response "She needs to learn..." I said not so kindly probably about 10 ft down the aisle "She doesn't need to learn on my puppy!" They left after that thank goodness.
I found a new "baby bear" for Eclipse, Coreena got Eva a carrot like Truman's (and here and then here) and Tab was gonna get Echo a turtle stuffie but ended up getting him a cow blanket, and they each got a 10 inch compressed rolled rawhide. Eclipse has barely put a dent in his but loves it.
Yesterday we worked on his commands, especially "dress" in the bigger, heavier jacket and "go to (your) blanket". He hasn't been wanting to dress since he uses the gentle leader but hot dogs work magic (and don't give him gas! His cheese farts are Narly!) and he's doing pretty good. We also worked on "nudge","heel", "side", "across", "front", "turn", "sit", "down", being sent into an "up", "lap", "thank you", "down-stay", "sit-stay", and "come". Then we did a mini-photo shoot in his freshly washed big boy jacket.
He looks so grown-up! Need to get him eating more again, hasn't been interested. But that should be fairly simply.

After we quit practicing our commands he want back and crashed on "his blanket". That's what happens when all the other blankets are picked up. Below is a video of him doing the "go to (your) blanket" command. He's doing well and I'm starting to be able to send him from further and further away. That's all from here for now.


Ally & Alex w/ Eclipse, Teddy & Kira

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  1. Eclipse is so cute! I love Golden puppies. :) Thanks for the treadmill idea, we'll have to try it sometime.