Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Poor Neglected Pets

So I was thinking about poor Teddy and Kira today and realized they have only around 10 pictures on this blog in the entire 5/6 months it's been up... so...

I introduce you to the love of my life (in the canine world) Teddy! He's almost 5 years old (April 14th) and I got him when he was 6 weeks. He's my little baby but we're working on putting him in his place and making me alpha without a doubt in his mind... I accidently let him take control to try and get his confidence up when I was younger (yes, I didn't know much at all!). Teddy in a nutshell; a cuddlebug, sensitive, happy, hoppy, sensitive tan Sheltie who I love with every fiber of my being (a bit dramatic?)

Kira is my girl that I got of my "dream breed", an America Eskimo Dog (when I was 15-18, now it's changed of course). I got her when she was three years old, she wasn't walked on a leash, was tied-out for her outside time, didn't have a fenced yard to play in, lived with an overbearing but very loving owner who decided she needed some more time. After much convincing I was able to assure her I would be a good home for Kira and Coreena and I drove up to get her January 5, 2007. We drove 8 hours north in a very bad wind storm and stayed with our biological father. First thing Kira did, threw up in the car! I love her anyways and she turned 5 on November 27th. She's a very laid-back little dog who LOVES popcorn and gets a "happy bark" when playing. Her old Mom and I keep in touch, I send her updates and pictures every now and then and I swear, if we ever go see my father again (he didn't come to my wedding just to give you an idea) we'll take Kira up and let her spend some time with her old family. They got her at 8 weeks and love her dearly to this day.

Ally & Alex w/ Eclipse, Teddy & Kira (the much loved pets)

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  1. Teddy and Kira are gorgeous! I love the name Kira. In Japanese, kira kira means glittering--the name fits!