Thursday, March 12, 2009

Puppy Jackets

Here's a question for everyone. For the schools that give you a puppy jacket that can go in public from a young age (4 months or less) do you request to/or do move your pup to the next size jacket as soon as they'll possibly fit into it (despite it possibly basically falling off them) or do you wait until the size they're in looks kind of goofy because it's so small on them?

I'm just curious, it's kind of like GDB's puppy/adult collars question. Eclipse is nowhere near looking kind of goofy in his puppy jacket, seeing as he hasn't even hit 30 lbs yet. Yes, he's 4.5 months, he's "petite".

That's all for now, other than I think Eclipse needs to be put in a padded room by himself when water is around. And No, I do not limit his water too much. He get 1.5 cups with all three meals plus a free water twice a day between meals. Little spaz.

Ally & the water loving golden Eclipse, Teddy & Kira


  1. I prefer to wait until they look semi goofy in the smaller jackets before moving them up. If you move them up too soon they look awful but if you wait too long it looks bad too and is I'm sure is incomfortablr for the pups

  2. GDA only has 2 sizes, the puppy bib and the big boy jacket. If you don't wait until they look rather goofy in their puppy bib, the big boy jacket will be WAY too big and it will be falling off!!! Some prefer to just pin it, but that seems like it would be really difficult to do every time you put that jacket on!