Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I saw a license plate cover the other day that made me smile Real big.

It said: When You're Sad, Hug Your Teddy

I of course immediately thought of my little bug and how if I cry he's immediately looking for the tears to clean up, bring a smile to my face with his sweet antics and to snuggle with "mom". He loves his hugs from mom and I definitely hug him when I'm sad! He'll be 5 next month by the way. I can't believe I've had him since he was a little 6-week-old, scared of everything, fluff ball!

(click the too-large pictures to open them fully. They're offline)

I've really buckled down on my training times with Eclipse. One, because I realized my time with him is half up and two, because I realized how little time I've spent training with him since keeping track of it for Joy. He's getting very good at his commands and while excitable at times, most almost 5 month old puppies are! :-D He's beginning to diferentiate between "lap" and "up" even if I'm sitting in the chair and have him "up" on his crate right next to me. I'm also starting to be able to send him into an "up" and now we're really working on maintaining it. I think he'll make an amazing service dog. However, if he decides he doesn't like to be he has a glamorous future career waiting for him as Alex's disc golf buddy ;-)
Ally & Alex w/ Eclipse, Teddy & Kira (who needs a half post of her own. Soon... maybe )

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  1. LAP and UP are hard to differentiate from with pups! He looks like he'd be a great disc golf buddy!