Friday, March 13, 2009



spoiled silly boy

Sooo happy to have his bear back (it was put up while Elly was here to keep it intact)
Showing Mom he has his bear back!
Cuddling with Dad last night
When did I get a baby giraffe?
Eclipse does this thing out in public and even at home where he simply "splats" on the floor. He essentially flattens himself out as much as he can. Why? Because he's either trying to control himself, he's exhausted, or he's just plain being a dork!

Today we went to a movie (his first one) and he did pretty good. He got kind of ansy about half way through but I would too if I was a 4.5 month old puppy. He did very well and was a good ambassador for Joy Dogs. And, he didn't "splat" at all today! We also worked on "watch me" while dogs are barking behind fences and he did ok. For the most part it seemed he wanted to play with the little yapper behind on fence so we're on our way to recovery! He also got a bath, walked to the store, hung out in his GL and jacket and was a good boy about eating his kibble!

Today it was nice out (although we're due for more rain starting tomorrow! Urgh!) so while Alex and I moved wood Eclipse and Kira got to play outside. Below are pictures I took in the backyard today and even a video! When they were done playing, however, he went "splat" and has been "splatted" since! Enjoy!
Ally & Alex w/ Eclipse, Teddy & Kira

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