Sunday, March 1, 2009


The two puppies together are surprisingly easy to handle. They play less together than they would individually and much of the time they can be found curled up in different spots in the den. We have given them some crate time and tie-down time just for the practice and to learn self-control but for the most time they're both on drag-line or Elly is and Eclipse is loose. The also do well relieving at the same time, although Elly pees for a longer period of time every time than I have ever had a male pee! Is that a female thing?
I feel almost like I've had a german shepherd puppy for the past couple weeks, wondering when his ear was going to be correct and if it was going to stay correct. So far both ears remain perked correctly and he's oh so cute! For those of you who read Joanna's blog, take a look at Chandler when his head was shaved (Christmas potluck pics) and compare them to Eclipse's head shots. Their head shape is nearly identical (minus Chandler's poodle waves of course) but it makes me laugh since Eclipse looks like such a little old man.
Last night was very easy getting the pups to bed. We took them out together, they both pottied, we took them upstairs, Eclipse laid down on his dog bed, Ellie was kenneled and then I attatched the tie-down to Eclipse. Teddy and Kira are kenneled every night. Kira has an issue from being allowed to potty inside for the first three years of her life and will potty at night every now and then and Teddy likes to get into stuff. Brats.
Today has been pretty lazy since my cold is picking back up and my throat is killing me yet again! Urgh! Elly got a few different crate times, once because they both needed naps, once because we took Eclipse to the store with us and the other time because we went to get Eclipse his new head gear! No, he doesn't have braces, he's now the irritated-at-mom wearer of a blue medium Gentle Leader. He's accepting it much better than Kira's, mainly because it actually fits him *grin*. Not too much else to update on... Things are going well. Now just to find a job *wink*

Ally & Alex w/ Eclipse, Elly, Teddy & Kira

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  1. The two little goldens are so cute together! It does looks like his ears are perking better! The GL looks GREAT on him!