Monday, April 13, 2009

And we're back!

The boy is back! For the next 12 days anyway...

We dropped Eclipse and Eva off with Joy on Friday evening and chatted for a bit. We spent both Saturday and Sunday in Woodburn at one of our three-times yearly elongated meetings (I guess you can call them that, there's a all day one, a two-day on and a three-day one) and then picked Eclipse up on Sunday evening around 5ish and again stayed and talked for a little too long /grin/ While we were there Joy fed all the dogs, it was very cool to see all 9 dogs sit and wait patiently and not-so-patiently for their food (Duncan and Dexter were both drooling excessively!) and then dive right in when told they could. Even Eva and Eclipse jumped in like labs, Eclipse was a bit slower than everyone else though and backed up until he was under the desk in the kitchen and took his bowl with him. Smart little guy! Then we enjoyed watching the older dogs picking up all the dog bowls and putting them in the sink for a simple piece of kibble /grin/

When we got in the car (Coreena and Max took Eva home) Eclipse settled down on the backseat, grabbed his teddy bear and squeaked it for a couple minutes, tossing his head and enjoying one of his stuffies! He was also putting his head right by my arm when he was settling to take a nap, the little sweetie.

When we got home he ran and grabbed his duck and we played fetch for a bit. He was quite happy to be home but his joy was cut short as we had to head up to bed.

Both Alex and I slept horribly in the hotel as we both much prefer being at home so are trying to catch up on our sleep this week while having to wake up at 5 a.m. everyday... fun times! It's hard enough for me to maintain my energy through the week without having to catch up on sleep! :-D

Not too much to update on from here... just enjoying these last days with the boy and loving every second of it! I wish it would quite raining though so I can take him on walks during the day to just spend some quality time with the little guy.

We love him so very much, it was a hard couple days without him and the home coming was bittersweet, as he'll be leaving again so shortly. Ah well, I'm sure the next pup we'll love just as much.

No new pictures right now but he gained weight the two days spent with Joy due to the competition (and he's been eating very well this past week) and I'll have to get him weighed before the swap! I have an actual Puppy with me now instead of a midget! :-D

Ally & Alex (who is on a bike ride) w/ Eclipse (who is napping), Teddy & Kira (who keeps getting out despite there being No holes in the fence)

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