Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Is It Bad?

That after having Eclipse in my home for three months I'm still ecstatic if he eats a whole three cups of kibble in a day? (He ate 1.5 cups for dinner, had a half cup with peanut butter in his kong, and ate the cup for lunch he didn't eat for breakfast or yesterday's dinner).
Or, that I have all of 7 puppy teeth sitting on the end table? /wink/ On to bigger and better things. I have pictures! :-D
^One of the many times Eclipse has "kenneled" himself
^Two of the three dorky boys that grace my life
^Eclipse's paw in Alex's hand^
We were all cuddling on the floor and 'Cip was being very sweet. So we got some cute pictures :-)
^Eclipse's paw and my hand^
^Eclipse at Whistler's on Monday^
Eclipse joined us at Whistler's once again on Monday. We weren't there for long, Alex's brother, girlfriend/fiancee (who is 7 months pregnant) and their whippet came over from Coos Bay.
^Already tired? On the fourth hole!^
^Eclipse in front of the lovely /rolls eyes/ bushes^
^Eclipse in the car afterward... Please, disregard the disgustingly dirty jacket!^
^Eclipse doing a "go in" at the Chinese Restuarant^
It wasn't my fault we went out with a dirty jacket! I rode with Alex's brother and girlfriend and his brother really wanted chinese food.... urgh! Don't hate my, Joy! /wink/
^Definitely tired! This is the view I had of him at the table^
^Mimsy, their Whippet, and Eclipse after the restuarant^
^Eclipse enjoys creature comforts^
^Another crate shot. He willingly goes in there then waits to come out^
^He was trying SOOO hard to lay on that little pillow...
...But then he gave up and went in his crate^
Today he got to have all his toys out! He generally only has 3-5 down at a time. Here's his giant collection of toys. There's a couple more upstairs for the adult dogs.
^The few toys he ended up keeping out^
^Better picture^

^What he was doing when I uploaded the pictures^

Ally & Alex w/ Eclipse, Teddy & Kira

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  1. Hi Eclipse, thanks for commenting on my blog and for the encouragement:) I really don't know why I got scared of kids, but I am working hard at becoming better! Mom vows that the next puppy she gets will not become scared of little kids. She thinks it is her fault for not socializing me enough with kids. I'm not sure. I know that I have to get better! By the way, I love your pictures.