Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Momma's Boy's time to leave coming soon

Originally the swap was scheduled for May 2nd, however a conflict came up so there won't be a class that day. Because three weeks is too long between classes the swap has been moved up a week. We went from having 24 days left with the boy to 17...

After my extremely difficult day yesterday the last thing I needed this morning was to hear that I have even less time with the boy that I love so dearly.

Right now he's laying on my feet, taking his morning nap. Soon we'll go out to "hurry" and play a quick game of fetch. Then it will be time for lunch and we'll hope he eats /grin/ Yesterday he only ate less than a cup of kibble all day, today he ate all of his breakfast, the little wierdo.

I love this puppy so much and he's gone through so many difficult times with me, times of change, of growth, of heartache, relizations and learning so many new things.

This weekend I'll be without the boy for the first time, a practice run? Not exactly but it should help, at least I hope.

We still don't know who's getting who and won't until the swap. We do know either Eclipse or Eva will be going to Joy (she currently has Evett), and all three pups down here will be going north to their raisers.

The pups in the swap will be Eclipse, Echo and Eva (of course), Eola, Elly, Evett and Fiona. One of those four (hopefully not Elly) will be coming to stay with Alex and I for the next 4-6 months. We'll love her dearly, but Eclipse will always hold a special place with me and we'll see how Alex deals with the change!

Ally & Alex w/The momma's boy Eclipse, Teddy & Kira

Oh, fun fact. The "E" litter will be experiencing their first swap the day after they turn six months. At least I get to experience that milestone with the boy!


  1. So soon! Good luck with the swap... I can't wait to find out who you new charge will be!

  2. It would be hard for me to only keep a puppy 6 months. Looking forward to seeing who the new puppy will be.