Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A new use for baby socks

Teddy greatly enjoys his bike rides with me and Alex. He runs very nicely beside my bike, giving him physical stimulation, mental (from having to watch my bike to not get run over or pull me off course) and it satisfies his chase need as well (when I let him off leash at the school by our house. He chases my tires/feet but is well-behaved and stays right with me). For anyone who knows Teddy in person, you'll know he HATES bikes, always has. He chases them and tries to bite the person riding them. So last week when I decided to train him to run with me I had him in his harness with a leash attatched to it, then had his halti on with a separate leash attatched to it. When he'd try to bite me/the bike I'd correct him (halti), tell him "leave it", stop the bike and make him to puppy push-ups. It only took one time around the parking lot before we took off the halti and he did fantastic so our nightly bike ride is now also Teddy's daily exercise routine. However, he has thin foot pads, always has due to bad breeding. After running/trotting just one mile one of his pads had already torn, so rather than spend money that I don't currently have on musher's secret or dog boots I used baby socks that we had in the attic. He does well in them and doesn't mind them. Enjoy the picture!
Eclipse's exercise has, however, been put on hold. It's been in the mid 80's here with moderate humidity the past five or so days and Eclipse is not handling it well, At all! Monday Eclipse, Emily in her stoller and I went on a simple five minute walk at 9:30 in the morning. We were working on him knowing where he is in relation to the stroller and he quickly caught on to paying attention and swung his rear around correctly. When we got back he immediately laid down on the kitchen floor and didn't move other than when offered water or made to go outside and relieve. Monday night and Tuesday morning he also had extremely loose stool (the only time in the almost 4 months he's been here). Tuesday he had a bit more energy but we kept him inside all day in the AC but he was still Miserable in the car, whining and restless. Today he had a bit more energy than yesterday, much more normal than Monday or Tuesday, although we kept the AC on the entire day again. Again, he was entirely uncomfortable in the car and looked dejected but no whining (it was admittedly slightly cooler today). Now he's sleeping. Any ideas on how to make the poor boy more comfortable in the heat?
Yesterday was Eclipse's first day without lunch! Man, that is nice to not have to feed lunch! (watch me get Evett and have to feed lunches for another 3 weeks, lol) Yes, I jumped the gun a bit but he turns six months in just two days and I figured skipping lunch would improve his appetite some. I was right! He ate 3.5 cups today (yes, his normal diet is still just three cups a day) and fairly quickly as well.
He's doing extremely well with Emily and leaves her toys alone (unless he's in a "pick up everything in sight" mood then I just have him hand it to me) and tolerates her loving on him amazingly well.
Obviously he normally just ignores her /wink/
That's all from here. Other than for the first time Ever I will be taking Eclipse To the dog park when it cools down a bit. Why? To try and get him over his dog distraction/fear. Yes, Joy suggested it, I'm not acting out of line. I was planning on asking Joy if I could take him to the outside of the park until she suggested it, so I'll give it a try. He will be on leash the entire time and we'll take some high value treats.
Friday will be our weekly 1.5 hour walk around a local park. (Most nights we just ride our bikes) Will try getting pictures as that will be the older "E"s six month day! Coreena and I also want to take Eva and Eclipse in to get weighed, they've both obviosly gained a lot of weight so it'll be nice to see just how much /grin/
Ally & Eclipse


  1. When we had labs growing up, we went and got a kiddie pool and filled it with water. They would love to go out back and just lay in it to cool off. We would also give them ice cubes to munch on to make sure they were getting enough water.

    I love the picture with the baby socks. :)

  2. The pool would be a good idea, other than in the heat of the day I'm at my sister's who lives in an apartment (no place for a kiddie pool) and if Eclipse is around that much water he'll drink all of it (literally, he'll drink til he barfs then drink more again and again... then pees for days!). He's getting an absolute ton of water, around 1.5 cups every two hours throughout the day and is urinating just fine and actually quite a bit so dehydration isn't really a worry... he's just a pansy! ;-)