Monday, April 6, 2009

Pizza Party

Saturday was class, we had a pizza party in Salem with both classes. Unfortunately everybody that we'd yet to meet was unable to attend due to family emergencies but it was still alot of fun.
Tab dropped Echo off with Coreena, then Coreena took Max to work and Coreena brought Echo and Eva to my house. We let the three pups play in the backyard but there were getting into the tiny bit of water in one of the planters so we came back inside. Echo went into the crate in Alex and my room, Eva went in the crate in the den and Eclipse went on tie-down. Then we headed out to the Kingdom Hall to help with the yearly cleaning before the Memorial and helped out there until 11:20 at which time we came home and started getting ready to head out.

We gave each of the pups their 10 minutes on the treadmill to try and get some of their energy out. Eclipse went first and did amazing, as usual.
Then it was Eva's turn, she was a bit nervouse but got comfortable quickly. I stood with her to begin with but once Coreena got done cleaning out her car she went in with her. Then I went in the den and took over Eclipse's grooming from Alex and gave him a good ear cleaning and nail clipping (Alex brushed him and his teeth) then I put some peppermint oil on him and brushed that in (just to smell good)
Then it was Echo's turn. Coreena stood with him while I straightened my crazy hair, then she groomed Eva, I put peppermint oil on Echo (again, just for the smell which I Love!) and checked his nails and ears. Then we put all their jackets, leather leashes (Eva and Eclipse's), the GL and the hotdogs and cheese in a bag and headed out to the car. I ran back in for the camera and the ipod and speakers. We headed out around 12:20ish and were soon on our way :-D
^Eclipse settled at Alex's feet with his teddy bear^
At first Eclipse and Eva were playing in the car but quickly settled in for their normal naps. Echo managed to get all three toys that were in the backseat under the front seat for him to chew on, the smart little man!
^Eva comfy in the backseat^
^Echo was trying to figure out what the noise was coming out of the box on my lap... He did the same thing when Coreena turned the radio on. He's not used to sitting on the front floorboard like that but did pretty good considering.
^Alex is a stinker and wasn't letting Eclipse in "his space" so they ended up like this^
^Eclipse wishing he could be at my feet as he normally is^
^Just shows how truly funny looking Echo is!^
(Just kidding, he's a striking boy and looks much better in person than he does in pictures)
^Eclipse Really wanted up front!^
(Don't worry, I made him get off after I took a couple pictures. He was so very comfortable, I'm just not quite sure how)
^When we got there our room wasn't quite ready so we stood outside for a bit. Echo was handed off to Gwen (Flory was at home recovering from an infection) and got some work on walking appropriately on a leash and then it was time to go in. Eclipse and Eva got comfortable quickly in our little "room" (it was really just curtained off making it Very loud and somewhat overwhelming in there)
^This is Duncan! He's 13 months old from the "D" litter^
^Puppy love?^ ;-)
^This is Chami (Shammy) also 13 months from the "D" litter^
Her name was Daphne but it didn't fit her. She is Janice's (? I believe!) personal dog and will help her and her mom out as well as be a therapy dog. So she is still in training, I was mistaken when I stated she was cc'ed in an earlier post.
^Eclipse being a good boy^
We had a good time. We had little "competitions" between the pups on their commands. Our group was Gwen with Echo, me and Eclipse and Coreena and Eva. We did a "heel", "sit" then a "side", "down", "sit", "stand" (Eclipse and Eva both won the "stand" and got rawhide prizes) then we did "go to (your) blanket" with a blanket none of them are used to. Eclipse did okay but needed some coaching, Eva did well when sent so won another prize, then we did "closer" which Eclipse had about shut down by that point but did a sloppy one with a hot dog lure. He's usually much better about swinging his rear into position but was overwhelmed by that point. Echo won that one with Gwen, he'll do Anything for kibble! None of them are offering their back paw though when asked.
The next group was Elly with Ron, Fiona with Mary and Eola with Karen. I know Fiona won something but I don't remember what, and Eola won "closer" and "stand".
The last group was Duncan, Dudley (sorry, Joyce! I got a picture of him but it's on Joy's camera) and Chami. They worked on retrieving their leash and jacket on command (differentiating), "closer", tugging the laundry basket and "paw". Chami also showed us her ability to pick up business cards, nickels and paper clips.
All the pups were introduced to the client that was there. There wasn't much space so it was hard to look for a connection but she liked Echo although her mom thinks it was just due to his coloring.
^Elly laying under the table^
After a bit we all went outside and laughed and talked about some things, Eva got a big dog jacket (although it's a Big dog jacket, Joy wasn't sure where the other one was but found it later so that will be swapped this weekend) and then it was time to head home.
^Alex and Eclipse on the ride home^
^Eclipse and Eva cuddling^
^Eclipse is such a goofball!^
^The result of sitting like a kangaroo (Eola is a meerkat!) without the big tail to balance you!^
We then stopped at a rest area for a potty break (for the humans and then the pups) and it was so pretty we got some photos! This is actually the same rest area that Igor got loose at one time coming back from a graduation. Oh, fun times! Echo, Eva and Eclipse above (and below)
Below: Eclipse, Eva and Echo
^Eclipse, Eva & Echo^
^Eclipse, Eva & Echo^
^Echo, Eva & Eclipse^
and again^

^The beautiful sunset on the way home!^

Ally & Alex w/ Eclipse, Teddy & Kira



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