Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Senior Photos?

The first few photos are from Saturday, the 18th. We didn't take any at class but some before and after /grin/
^Starting to smell a little gamey /wink/ Actually their Frontline quit working and so they were itchy from fleas. Frontline and me, well, we hate each other /grin/

^Neither Eclipse or Eva are big fans of sitting on the seat in the car, so on the way to and from Salem Eclipse cuddled with a cd case, coffee cup and other things
^We stopped at a park on the way home that's right off the freeway... where? I have no clue /grin/ Did a little mini-shoot though!
^The geese were following the pups. When we arrived they were on the bank, then just swam along where we walked. In front of the pups, between them is a goose nest
^Finally! A good photo of the two of them!^
^We'z bird dogs!^
^Eclipse says: NO, NO, NO, NO (like Boog on Open Season /wink/)
^A picture I LOVE of the two of them :-D
^When we got home Mom built a fire in outdoor wood stove and we all went on the deck and hungout /grin/ Kira was comfortable :-D
^Eva was being goofy. Pretty girl!^
The following pictures are just random... from Wednesday the 22nd to Friday the 24th.

^He loves the tennis ball and played with it for like an hour Wednesday night. If you look close (if it'll blow up on your browser) you can see in his right armpit the scratch marks. The reason I have Frontline. It had only been three weeks since applied with no bath (other than the 18th, they already had fleas again). Poor boy was miserable and must have a really bad flea allergy

^Thursday night when my parents got home from meeting (we had arrived home maybe 10 minutes earlier) Eclipse ran to the sliding glass door, hackled, woofed than ran to my feet and sat there. About 20 seconds later he went back and did it again then hid behind my chair. He stayed like that while I got up, walked to the other end of the room, got the camera and took the two above photos. Silly boy.

^Tired puppy. He's been sleeping in the crate recently as he's had a few accidents at night and one day he was drooling excessively (no idea why).

^Friday, the 24th, Eclipse became an official 6 month old /grin/ He doesn't get his rawhides often as I tend to forget about them and he doesn't spend long chewing on them. That morning he got it for awhile though

^Alex and Eclipse then had a rousing game of "find dad". He had a good time and the game didn't last long but he gets so excited when someone hides and then talks to him.

^For their "senior photos" we took them to this gorgeous park. It's in West (?) Roseburg and is called River Bend park. It's massive park for the area and is where the annual river float is held. There's a number of different good photo places, as you'll see in the following photos

^Eva's a native american just like her mom, aunt and uncle and of course Eclipse!


^Eva, front, Eclipse back^

^Eva starts being a spoil-sport early on^

^Eclipse's first real view of a large river (the Umpqua). Not so sure but sure wants to drink it all!

^Please, may I, Dad?^

^Continuation of the native theme^

^Proud golden boy^

^Don't worry, in the above pictures they were being securely held^

^Eclipse still likes being packed around sometimes^

^Rather than natives they're now pioneers?^

^Stressed pooch riding a whale^

^Eclipse, Up^

In the summer this whale and a larger on spout water out of a hole, it's really cool for kids!


Inappropriate photos below.

View with Extreme caution!







You've been warned!

^Eva, Up^

Looks inappropriate, but really, there was no foul play going on (And they're both female /wink/)

^Lazy, cranky, bored puppy warning!^

Was she bored or shuting down? Who knows.

^Think they were asking for something? They chose to go there, then stayed... shade has amazing powers. Also have a photo of Eva below the water fountain looking at it (but it was broken and not so great of a photo)

^Another possibly future career? Wanna go fly with the Heli-Loggers or Coast Guard? /wink/

^Eva's opinion of the awesome helicopter!^

^Dog could be YOUR co-pilot^

^Only decent photo of Eva on the "beach", the little stinker^

^Two of the three boys in my life. Both distracted by a honking goose^

^Tree-dog? (Again, safely being held up)^

^Last of the senior photos^

^Eva decided the shade from the car looked inviting^

^One of Eclipse's favorite ways to ride in the car^

He was pulling on lead a bit and wanting to get the zoomies due to spring and the grass so was put in the head collar. Still put it on him every now and then for the practice

^Eva chilling at my house after the photo outing^

^Eclipse does NOT get after bath zoomies. He sits stately and tries to lick every drop of water off his fur^ ^With just natural lighting. Just so you can see his actual coloring^

The End!

Ally w/ Eclipse, Teddy & Kira (all about to get dinner)


  1. The park on the way home from salem where the geese were is called Pass Creek Park =) I recognize it from the pics.

  2. That was A LOT of photos! They are such pretty goldens and look like they had fun!

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