Sunday, April 26, 2009


I have been trying desperately for the past couple days to upload the pups' 6 month photos, but to no avail! Blogger isn't even letting me upload ONE picture at a time! Urgh!

They'll come in time. In the meantime, Eclipse was amazing walking on a loose leash through petco today when we went to get some high quality training treats (kibble's just not doing it for him and cheese and hot dogs get really nasty really quickly in this weather). We got two different kinds of training treats, 101 liver treats that break up into Tiny pieces very easily and some more "cracker" like treats that are again, liver, but don't break up. They're small though and good reward for a nice "let's go" in a heel or side position or a nudge (distracts while target is moved away) and even "go to (your) blanket". He's doing very well with turning to me when we get out of the car and it will be much easier to remember to keep these treats with me... it's hard to remember to take kibble when the puppy won't accept it! /grin/

Not much else to report... pictures coming as soon as I can get them to post!

Ally & Eclipse, Teddy & Kira (Alex is playing disc golf after I made him re-arrange the den /grin/)

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