Sunday, April 5, 2009

Update on Issues

We have been working with Eclipse and his jacket for more than a week now. He's wearing his jacket throughout the day (many times from the time he wakes up until he goes to bed) and I take it off and put it on and jackpot him with hotdogs many times throughout the day (he's not kibble motivated at all). He's not improving at all at this point. He's not real body sensitive about it being on, it's the act of putting it on him that he hates! We are not asking him at all to make any movement into the jacket at this point. However, when I go to put it on him he's still definitely shying away from it.

He's also displaying some shock/fear reactions and tends to shut down in public and at classes. (i.e. him sleeping in my lap at the class when we first got their jackets)

He's an extremely sweet boy who knows how to communicate with me very well. He's very obedient, unless he's shutting down but that's understandable, he's shut down.
In the upcoming swap (27 days left with the little man!!) Joy will be taking either Eclipse or Eva, whichever is having worse issues at the time. (Eva's still peeing and will need some more tests, antibiotics, etc and tends to shut down as well) (Eclipse has also started peeing again and refuses to eat many times, among shutting down, fear, and avoiding his jacket)

We hope that they'll get past it but it's public knowledge that they may not. Here's hoping Eclipse and Eva each go to the raiser best for them that will help them the most! Eclipse is so very happy working at home that it'd almost be a shame to bring him as a pet, but be assured if he does come home, he'll still get to work ;-)
Ally & Eclipse

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