Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I just got word we get our pups for an extra TWO weeks! It was originally planned for May 2nd, but something came up and Joy couldn't do it that day. Then it was moved up a week to April 25th but everyone couldn't make (it's kind of imperative everyone be there for the swap.... since we're, you know, Swapping!) so now it's been pushed back to May 9th. I'm happy to keep the boy for another two weeks as there's some things I've been wanting to do with him that I'll take advantage of the two weeks in order to do. And I promise pictures will be coming soon!

This afternoon/evening I'll also be posting an objective post about the release command "OK" and my take on it.

Now, it's back to bed time though!

Ally & Alex w/ Eclipse (Teddy & Kira are at home)

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