Thursday, May 28, 2009


Eola, checking out the world outside
This week, Alex got a job! Actually, his first day was today. (Was supposed to be tomorrow but the other guy had too much to do so they threw him in and so he worked today /grin/) He's working at the car dealership my mom used to work at for 8 years as a lot attendant now (keeping the cars clean, filling them with gas, delivering cars, etc) but it pays well (for this area), is permanent, has benefits, is stable and has a lot of area for advancement. Eola also spent today at work with Coreena. I'm feeling awful health-wise (just real achy, fatigued, emotional, etc) and so today was a bit of a challenge for me when Emily was being a turd but I'll keep babysitting and making enough money to pay most of our bills and we'll put away most of what Alex makes into savings for cars and a place of our own /grin/ I'll be going to a doctor as soon as the insurance kicks in, in the meantime I'm looking for part-time work (couldn't handle full-time before my infection last winter/spring and haven't improved any) and if nothing comes along I'll be going back to the call center this fall. Not the optimum job but it's flexible hours, they know me and the dogs and it's a paycheck /grin/

Here's the past little while (weeks or so) in pictures. Enjoy

^Working on threshold respect^

^When I feel up to it and Alex is awake I try and take the girl(s) on a quick walk around the parking lot in the mornings while Aiden naps. (Thus when Alex is there and awake) Emily Loves to hold the leash inside but is worried outside so I put Eola in a sit-stay and let her hold the leash, she was very happy to do so, despite the fact the Eola is about 20 lbs bigger than her!

^I've been fairly weak all week after our big weekend so when Emily was wanting me to carry her I gave her an alternative. I let her hold onto the handle on Eola's jacket and they did well toghether /grin/ Eola even gave Emily the confidence (and extra "tug") to get up the little step to the door without holding onto my hand!
^Then they played horses together /grin/^
Tuesday we went to Wal-Mart (Fifth successful trip there without accidents [she had accidents everytime she went in Wal-Mart with Karen, granted, different Wal-Mart]) to make me an eye appoinment since they were 30 dollars cheaper than normal for this month. We ran into Coreena and Max and then strolled around for a bit, got a couple cute picture frames that match a clock we got for our wedding along with a lot of smell good/febreeze stuff to keep the "doggy smell" at bay. She did very well, there. Then we went and saw the new X-men (Currently watching the second one to catch up on my X-men knowledge, lol). Eola did well, she had a blanket and slept for the first 45 minutes although after that she got hungry and ansy /grin/ We then took milkshakes down to Coreena and Max's where Eola got dinner before coming home and going to bed.
^Yesterday (Wednesday) I had my eye appoinment! Yay! It cost double what a regular eye exam would (urgh) due to screenings I have to get done at every appoinment due to possibly glaucoma spots in my right eye but it was worth it! Eola did fantastic despite the fact it was over an hour and a half outing! I took her out after the "check-in" stuff to potty, meaning I didn't have my contacts in. I have really bad depth perception without contacts and so relied on Eola a lot (not to guide but watched her head) and despite almost running into only one person we made it safe and sound /grin/

^Chilling in the waiting room^^In the actual exam room. The doctor was very cool, told me where I could have her lay and even offered to take a photo of us together (which I declined due to feeling awful and being very stressed due to driving for practically the first time in three months, lol)
^I went and got Alex and I some drinks and Eola gladly carried the receipt through the store (prancing the entire way I might add) and was very focused on getting outside (She knows when handed the receipt it's time to go home)
^She even carried it straight to the car to her door then dropped it (would be better if she handed it to me but she's still young! /grin/ and that's not something we've worked on as of yet)
^After nearly a two hour (exhausting) outing she greatly enjoyed the water she got at the house. Emily decided to join her /grin/ (No children drank out of the dog's bowl /wink/)
Eola greatly enjoys (when loose) going and getting her collapsible bowl when she's thirsty, but only when she's thirsty and bringing it to us. In fact, she has zero issues with any material in her mouth, including my glass bowls)

^Last outing of the day, Ross to get Alex new clothes for work /grin/^

Okay, we did stop at the movie store to get the first X-men movie but that's a normal stop for us /wink/

Eola may be spending four days of the week with Coreena at work, since Max and Coreena are both working full-time now (Yes, Max and Alex started new jobs on the same day! Exciting!) and Evett simply can't handle going to work we may swap during the day and let me work on her alert barking, but we shall see /grin/

That's all for now, almost bed time.

Ally & Eola

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