Tuesday, May 5, 2009

In search of

a good home!

Nix that! Dexter is going to his home tonight! Yay Dexter!

Dexter that is.

JLAD currently has a career changed dog that is looking for a permanent home. He's been career changed for being dog disctracted but is a loving, nearly white, golden retriever who loves to give a helping "paw" around the house, loves children and walks and of course, other dogs. He does need an active family who can either give him time on a treadmill or daily walks/runs as he does have a higher energy level. However, he makes up for that by putting his own bowl in the sink after he's done eating (along with anyone else's bowl which has been carelessly left on the floor /wink/). He's a love and if you're interested contact Joy. Dexter would really love some one on one attention (not that he needs to be an only dog but Joy regularly has 6+ dogs in her home and Dexter's been there for awhile).

Give Joy a shout if interested!

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