Sunday, May 10, 2009

Last Day With Eclipse

Eclipse loved his big black teddy bear! He grew out of playing with it quickly but soon took to sleeping on it! Silly, sweet boy!
We had a great last day with Eclipse and Eva! We took a very spontaneous trip to the coast with the little ones.

Eclipse decided he wanted to sit where Eva's head was. How rude!
We ended up going to a small disc golf course and Eva did an "up" on a basket.
Here is "up" on a stump
Eva didn't want Eclipse to be the only puppy in a tree!
Eclipse's "up"
The most amazing sign in North Bend
Then we arrived at the beach! They didn't quite know what to think!
They did amazing! We really worked on "come" and just having fun! It was really windy but if they could hear us they were to us as fast as they could be!
Eclipse wanted to be like his sheltie brother, Teddy! (Sheltie's ears are supposed to tip at 3/4 of the ear)
Enjoying the wind
On the rock that creates a natural "fence" when the tide is in (you can climb the rock easily)
Eclipse was looking at Alex who was sitting on the top of the rock

We got a bunch of good news while we were gone (Yay!) but when we got home it was time to face the fact that it was our last night with the boy. We made a "bed" on the floor so he could sleep with us.
He slept between us. I slept horribly but he slept like a rock, on his back and all!
I took a quick "nap" (does going to sleep at 6:30 count as a nap?) for a couple hours and he slept on the floor by me the entire time.....

Ally & Alex w/ Eola, Teddy & Kira

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