Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Monday's adventure

Monday Eclipse and I were due to go on a what I thought was going to be a Big Adventure! Unfortunately it didn't quite end up being such but ah well /grin/ We went up to Portland to begin with to drop off Brooke's older sister's friend, then headed back down the Woodburn to kill some time.
Here Eclipse is expressing his displeasure at the cramped quarters (notice the tongue)
A comfy way to travel?
He looks a little mushed there although he had the entire half of the backseat to himself, goofball
We ended up going to the Woodburn Outlet Stores and found this sign for Hannah! /grin/
Eclipse in Pac Sun
It was pouring down rain and the driver (Heather) decided for some strange reason to park as far out as she could /sigh/ So Eclipse and all of us were quite wet when we got back in the car!
(P.S. He doesn't generally have curly ear hair like some goldens)
Handsome boy without the GL. He's currently in a fear phrase (thus the cart reaction) and was reacting to some things like garbage cans at the rest area so he wore his GL when we were out to let him know I was in control and didn't need to worry as much. Also did some counter conditioning with "freaky" stuff at the mall
Then we drove out past Salem/Keizer area for the whole reason Eclipse and I joined the trip....
Here's the beautiful area we were in
Here's the real reason we went!
Brooke is getting a new Golden Retriever puppy (just a pet) from a breeder up there ( and had to go up this week to pick out the one she wanted /grin/
I went for moral support and because I know more about what they need in a dog and wanted to make sure she didn't pick the rowdiest pup that most people tend to pick.
They were all very sweet! There was one 6 week old male still available and four 5 week old males (she knew she wanted a male)
This is Brooke and the puppy she chose. Currently called #34 but he should have a name soon /grin/ She chose him and I suggested him due to his calm nature. Yes, I realize they're merely 5 weeks old, however his brothers were more lively, less submissive, and much more persistent than him. They also didn't connect as much with Brooke as he did /grin/
Some quality bonding time
We spent about an hour at the breeder's playing and getting to know the pups. Eclipse sat in the car by himself during that time, the entire time sleeping on the floorboard where he belonged. When we were leaving I brought him out to potty and the dogs in the kennels raised a ruckus but he wasn't afraid and still did his business so no harm no foul /grin/
He was a little restless on the way home so got a squishy face in my hand /grin/
I didn't buy anything for myself on Monday, not even food (I know, bad habit I have!) but got these yoghurt covered dog biscuits from the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory along with a bully stick, a new bone and some brewer's yeast/garlic tablets for Teddy and Kira from Pet Sense all half off! /grin/
Doesn't that just look delicious? For a dog that is! Below are videos of Eclipse opening his crate to get the food/water we placed in there. The day before these were taken we left a bowl of food and water in the crate (unlatched but closed) while we left the room. He was told OK as we left so he knew he could get it and when we came back the door was open and the bowl was empty.
Why did I have him do it first without us in here?
Because if we had been in here he'd have come looking for help rather than figure it out himself. Other than telling him OK before the videos and when he just sat looking at me I didn't encourage or discourage him at all, just let him work it out on his own. Enjoy the little smarty!



That's all from here!

Ally & Alex w/ Eclipse, Teddy & Kira

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