Thursday, May 14, 2009


In the ten months we puppy-sat before getting Iverson we very carefully filled out all the puppy-sitting forms we were required to. When given puppies without puppy-sitting forms we would get so very irritated /grin/ We didn't have a place to read what needed worked on, their relieving schedule, how much they were eating, what supplies were sent with them, etc. We also didn't have a place to write down how the pup did. We did rectify that by printing off our own puppy sitting forms though /wink/

When we got Iverson we could hardly wait the month to fill out our first monthly report. When he was puppy-sat as soon as we got in the car we'd be scanning the puppy-sitting report, seeing how the intense little man did while away. However, I will admit that we rarely, if ever submitted the puppy-sitting forms with his monthly reports. Our leader was good about copying our puppy-sitting reports and we rarely thought about it. Our monthly reports were always extremely detailed though and every ear infection, concern, brag and protocol that occurred that month were listed.

With JLAD, we haven't had any monthly reports and it's just kind of felt like something was missing. Approximately an hour ago though, we received our brand new monthly reports that are to be filled out monthly!!! YAY! They are very similar to GDB and CCI's both. Why? Because Joy raised two puppies for CCI and Karen (who raised Eola, now had Fiona and does a lot of other volunteer work for Joy) raised for GDB when she was younger. This is soo very exciting! It's almost disappointing that it's another 2.5 weeks until we get to fill them out! /grin/

It feels like we are Really raising again, I love monthlies!!

Okay, I know I'm wierd, once again!

Below a picture of our new crate setup in our bedroom. Teddy has started sleeping in his crate again to give him a sense of his own area and the two crates in the room along with the tie-down area/dog bed were taking up so much room. So we fixed that /grin/ There is a stabilizing board under Teddy's crate along with some small pieces of laminate flooring for him to walk on. He's yet to jump up there but I'm sure that will come. In Eola's crate is a bumper, it makes her quieter at night, more comfortable and it's cute /wink/ Right by her crate is the dog bed and tie-down. Eola slept on tie-down last night and did fantastic although she absolutely refused to use the dog bed so now there's a more comfortable area for her to choose the floor or bed /grin/

Eola pictures coming, I promise. Probably tomorrow, then Saturday we have a last minute class (switched from the 23rd) so that should be an interesting post as well /grin/

That's all from here! Yay for monthly reports!

Ally w/ Eola, Teddy & Kira (Alex is at meeting, I'm sick, yet again /sigh/)

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