Sunday, May 3, 2009

Saturday, May 2nd

Was quite an adventerous day.

Please note: what is said here is what really happens in the life of a puppy raiser and in no way reflects on the type of service dog Eclipse will hopefully someday become

Yesterday we had planned on taking Eclipse and Eva to the coast so they could experience the ocean with us. However, it decided to rain so we chose to skip out on that as we all would just be miserable. Instead we decided to take the pups to see a movie. We went and saw Monsters vs. Aliens and it was cute. The pups did well and, man, those liver treats come in handy! The movie was cute too and very clean. One of the women working there was talking to me about them, saying it's such a good thing I'm doing and asking all about Eclipse, including how we teach the pups not to potty inside! (Why is that such a novel thing to the public? Teddy won't potty inside a store (petco or such) even being majorly stressed and he's simply house-trained) It was nice though, no "I love dogs TOO much to do that" (Grr)

After that we went to Wal-Mart for shampoo and that was a mistake! They're currently in the middle of a remodel and things are all out of place! This caused me extreme anxiety, not knowing where things were and having to search for shampoo which is usually right at the front of the store. It was also Eclipse's first time walking with a shopping cart. To begin with he was pulling away from it and slipping on the tile. We were a sight to see! So I stopped the car, got him into an appropriate "side", did a "let's go" and after just a couple steps stopped and praised him. After that a couple times he was fine and walked well with it. He was also accepting the liver treats again (wouldn't in his initial fear) and doing well. We finished with our purchase and as we were leaving some older gentleman stopped us and was talking to us (again, causing me anxiety) but while he talked to Alex, Eclipse and I worked on "closer" and down-stays with people walking very close. On the way out I stopped and threw away a flower a little girl had thrown on the floor and the greeters (generally the biggest pains!) started talking to me, asking me his name, when I'd have to give him up (again, no rude comments on how much they love dogs too much or How can I give him up or such) and then commented on how he's a very smart dog and I was doing an amazing job training him as they'd been watching us. That was a nice surprise /grin/

Then we went to Sherm's (a big warehouse type grocery store) and as soon as we walked in Eclipse pooped. His First accident in public he's six months old, had just been asked to go and had already done his business twice that day. (He generally goes twice All day) It was nice and solid though and Alex quickly picked it up and threw it away. We then went about getting what we needed, although again I was Extremely anxious (to the point of getting disoriented at times) and forgot a few things Eclipse handled it well and walked nicely beside me and even turned with the cart the way he'll have to with a wheelchair. At one point I clipped the leash around the cart handle and held onto it to communicate with him (I work with dogs on the goal of communicating what I want of them with a very slight flex of one finger on the leash. Yes, they can feel it and understand) as there was too much slack in the leash for me to deal with comfortably at that point. We even stopped and watched a pitchfork work a couple of times. He handled it well but was a bit stressed. As soon as we got outside I took his jacket off to release some of the stress and when we got home we all just kind of chilled.

Today I went and got Cayenne and Black Pepper to keep Kira out of the garden (any chance she sees to turn herself into a miniature Akita rather than a miniature American Eskimo she takes and that fertilizer is just so very tempting) as well as some more peppermint oil. I'm also looking into getting garlic and brewers yeast tablets for Teddy and Kira as I absolutely hate all topical flea medications.

That's all I have to update on, though. Tomorrow is a Giant Big adventure for me and the six month old so I'll be sure to post on that as soon as I can /grin/ Pictures will be following shortly.

Ally & Alex w/ Eclipse, Teddy & Kira (all ready for bed)

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  1. Sounds like a great adventure. Lots of neat experiences. What's puppy raising without one "What the..." accident? HA HA!