Sunday, May 10, 2009


The morning of the swap was awful! I was so very restless! I groomed Eclipse (cleaned ears, brushed teeth, clipped feet hair, thorough brushing), I picked up our bedding and took it up and made the bed, I vaccumed the den, hallway and stairs, swept the driveway, did laundry and once Coreena and Max arrived we bathed Eclipse and Eva, brushed them again, applied peppermint oil and wondered who we were going to get.

I groom on a crate (it's stable) with a thick rug on it. It saves my back and teaches them to be calm and stay in place

Eclipse was sweet on the way up, resting his head on my feet and legs and knew something was up, although I wasn't upset at all at this point...
We had one last stop of Santiam rest area and then Eclipse did something I am infamous for! He rested his head on his own shoulder!
Then we arrived at Joy's. We were the first there and took our seats. Still not emotional
We waited until Everyone arrived and then we were handed the personality profiles we had to fill out for the pups.... still not emotional
We talked about the reason for the swap (different experiences, learn to re-bond, the need for multiple personality profiles, the need to learn their different reactions to things, etc), how we're not think "he never did that with Me" and such things. Realize they react different to different things, etc.
Then the swap started. Joy told us to tell the pups' new raisers what we thought they'd need to know. Joy was taking Eva, so took her inside. Mary handed Evett off to Coreena. Then Eclipse went to Mary. Ugh! I told her what I thought she should know, my voice starting to quiver. I then got up, walked Eclipse over to her and unclipped his leash for her to clip hers to his collar. That's when I got emotional! Although I don't use the term often, I had just handed "my" boy off to someone else... in theory I won't be holding the end of his leash again, working together so in sync. We went through a lot together and knowing that's come to an end so soon is hard. But we survived (despite the fact that I started Coreena, Mary, Tab And Joy all crying!) I was then told I'd be getting Eola. I was okay with that but was already emotional. I didn't cry though! Karen had Eola so she was next. She got Fiona (who had been in heat so was with Joy but was raised by Mary so she had to talk again...). That left only Elly with Ron and Echo with Tab left. They swapped straight across.
^Eclipse watching Mary intently^
^Evett with Coreena^

Eola was very high-strung, at the end of the leash, ansy, unruly, frustrating right then! Eclipse had progressed to the point where even if he were ansy at class he was just standing instead of sitting or laying down. Eola was at the end of her leash (what I was giving her anyway) and it felt like my arms were being pulled out of socket! She was extremely excited, stressed and my stress and emotion were transmitting down the leash to her. It wasn't pretty. I eventually just pinched her hips between my knees so she couldn't move. We had to go get kibble (I was scrapping the bottom of my puppy food bin) and that was a trip! We got there just fine but had two very very pully puppies with us! Treats weren't working, nor were corrections.
We then had to make a trip to PetsMart and here's why:
Her head-on look is Very similar to Echo's. They have nearly identical ears. However, her profile (with ears back) is nearly indistinguishable from Eclipse! I couldn't have her running around in a black collar and keep thinking that Eclipse was in my care still.

Petsmart was a challenge, to put it nicely. They (Evett and Eola both) were pulling horribly. We just needed something quick though so picked up a collar, I found a tug on sale similar to the ones Joy uses for training so got that so Eola will be used to the texture and shape when it comes time for that. We also let her pick between a loofa and a purple kong wubba. She chose the wubba. We then made a hasty exit /grin/

This is a Tiny 11 week old Golden we saw in the store. She was darling!

Eola resting against my leg in the car
With the pink collar there's no question who it is
She crossed her feet during a nap
She was hot and smiling at the same time
After petsmart she sat on the bag and didn't want to move
She was having some major stress diarrhea so didn't get dinner last night but got some water. It's soo nice to have a pup in the house who will walk away from water!
At the rest area we took some photos. Evett and Coreena
That's a Big 5 month old! (comparatively)
Eola and I
Loving the wubba on the way home already
Soon I'll write up a post about Eola's first day with me and her newest fashion statement! (I know, a lot for the girl!)
I miss Eclipse horribly! We had such an amazing working relationship and our bond was so much deeper than Iverson and mine since his issues were mainly behavioural versus Eclipse's health and fear issues (that will hopefully be worked out with time). We also went through a ton in the four months we were together and yes, I'm crying now. Even had to stop typing a couple times!
Eola's a doll though and with some diligence and work on my part will quickly be whipped into shape /wink/
Ally & Alex w/ Eola (first three letters look Way too familiar!), Teddy & Kira


  1. Remember that re-home is just as stressful for the pups as it is for you, she seems very stressed in the above pictures! Make sure you stay calm and in control as well, because EVERYTHING goes down the leash!! SOunds like that's a lot of what she was going through earlier as well.
    Good Luck with them!

  2. I realize emotion transmits down the leash, as I stated in the post, however at that point I didn't have much of a choice. My emotions were over-flowing as at any turn-in and I couldn't hand Eola off. She wasn't as stressed as she looks in the pictures, either, it was a very hot day. At class she was very stressed but in the stores they were both extremely excited and didn't exactly know what was expected of them (although they both came with leash pulling issues)