Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I really need to stay off ebay! I'm not spending an absolute ton of money at all but I keep finding things I "need" for the dogs /grin/ Alex got a couple more discs today from a local store that were on sale so I get to spend the same amount of money. However, I didn't know what to buy. The only things I ever buy are novels and dog supplies, however I've pretty well gone through the pet stores in the area and know what they have... I don't need anything they have.

However I have been looking for quite sometime for a bait bag that has a belt included with it and that is easier to get into than my current biscuit buddy. Well.. I found one. Unfortunately they're not carried locally so I had to order it but I got a Quick Access Treat N Training Bag for just under 10 dollars, with expedited shipping it turned out being about 17 dollars but it's worth it! Hopefully I get it Friday (if it ships today I might) but I'm not counting on it. I wish it would as it'd be much more convenient for the K-9 Celebration than the one I have but oh well! It'll be quite nice to have it out and about as I'll use it more and it has two separate spots for high value treats and regular kibble /grin/
I also really like this treat bag by Premier. However I couldn't find it on ebay and they're out of stock on that site. The one I purchased is pictured about and is the light blue. I kind of wanted the pinkish one but wanted it be be able to be used with whatever pup I have /grin/
I'll let you know how I like it once it arrives! I wish they had a green one!
Ally & Eola

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