Saturday, June 20, 2009

Getting Over It

We are working extremely hard at getting Eola used to being by herself and comfortable with it. Before when in her crate or on tie-down (even with someone in the room with her) she would whine, shake, pant excessively, scratch, bark, howl, etc. She would even completely ignore bully stix, compressed rawhides, liver treats, peanut butter in a Kong, anything and everything we tried. However, Thursday night I stuffed a Kong with all sorts of yummy stuff... two different types of liver treats, one type of chicken treats, a handful of kibble, a dried chicken breast strip and a vitality apple and chicken treat stuffed in the top (it's literally a piece of apple wrapped in dried chicken, smells awful!). We showed that to her and she went with Alex upstairs and she was quiet for the entire hour we left her up there! FIRST TIME EVER! (well... she was quiet one time when we got back from meeting). She ate every bit that was in that Kong.

Unfortunately it was a bit rich for her stomach so she woke me up three times that night to "hurry". Yesterday (Friday) Eva came over with Coreena and we took them up to the school and let them play but worked on their recalls and manners/not loosing their heads as well. I had to use high value liver and chicken treats since Eva is such a distraction for the girl... she also had to have some crate time yesterday so had a bully stix and kitty cracker (a cracker shaped like a cat, not for a cat!) to try and keep her quiet (didn't work). So again she woke me up three times last night. She'll be fasting until tomorrow's dinner... poor girl!

Today though she's been tied to the kitchen door most of the day (with play breaks, treadmill breaks and potty breaks) where she can sometimes see me just to get her used to being "alone" and out of sight of me. I even had to go spray down her potty area (blast away the diarrhea since it's impossible to pick up! Fertilize the weeds, yeah! lol) and while I was at it I sprayed all the dirt and rocks off the driveway and only heard one bark from her! Yay for improvement!

I have to get over something as well... /sigh/ yesterday Eva ate my treat pouch from Cabana's raiser... so when I order a t-shirt and hoody from her I'm also ordering TWO more treat pouches, one for me and one for Coreena... /grin/ I love spending money on doggy stuff!

Next class, next Saturday, is a one-on-one class. We'll (Coreena and I and Eola) will be meeting Joy at the Salem Center and for the first time will be working with Eola in the wheelchair! I think she'll do great, although I'm somewhat concerned about my wheelchair manipulating skills ;-) I think working with the wheelchair will help Eola learn to focus and pay attention rather than be in la-la land (yes, one of her nicknames is La-la). She's doing well overall and I'm proud of her. No new pictures though, sorry :-D

Have a good one!

Ally & Eola

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