Monday, June 8, 2009

Gnarly bones

Here's Eola and my gnarly bone submission! These are just our "worst" bones, not counting the puppy bones (still hard but they just get really pointed) but the dogs of course love them the best! (big knuckle bone just for size comparison)
Here's our "real" submission! That little knub of a knuckle bone has been through something like 20 dogs but all the current dogs still love it!
Size comparison!
You should really try selling those, Cabana's mom! I'd buy one as it'd be much more convenient than dragging a biscuit buddy around everywhere :-D
Ally w/ Eola & Eva (hanging out while her mom's in the other room)


  1. Eeeeew! That IS a gnarly little nub! Great photo--the close up shows lots of little hairs. Thanks for your entry!!

  2. Yeah... it's somewhat impossible to keep the hair out of the carpet here... awful carpet for dog hair but also with three long haired dogs blowing their coats I'd have to vacuum two or three times a day, lol, even with daily brushings!