Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Growing Up

Eight months is always a milestone in my mind, although I'm not quite sure why. Probably because most puppies tend to really start maturing at 8 months, they've been with their raisers for 6 months (we thought we'd have our original pups until they were eight months... we didn't expect the swap until this month) and they start to look more grown up.

That's no different with these kids (other than maybe Eclipse and Eva who are still extremely small for their age).

Here's some more recent pictures of the four pups from the coupling of Woody Gerry and Happy Day Chayene, although we wish their three other siblings well in their homes as pets (or whatever they are)!

P.S. The most recent picture I have of Echo available is around 6 months, as is my favorite of Eclipse after he left my home, he's 6.5 months in it.

You all are good kids! Despite your many many quirks and while I have a different relationship with every one of you, a relationship it still is. Eclipse is an amazing dog who was so intune with me who if gets career changed will end up coming home but has always had great potential as a service dog barring some issues he had when with me. Eola isn't quite as intune with me but is still just as much of an amazing dog, it won't be nearly as painful for me to hand her over as it was for me to hand Eclipse over but we'll miss her goofy happiness and ADD /wink/ Eva makes an amazing pet for Coreena and Max and will continue to do so for her entire life. She's a spitfire, that one, same as she was the day she came home at 9 weeks 1 day. She's catching on quickly to using a pee pad and will hopefully be transitioned to peeing in the tub before too terribly long! (peeing in the tub is the cleanest place to teach her to pee, if they're working fulltime (Max is at home with her all day at this point) she pees too much for pee pads, and it would get expensive, but the tub can just be hosed out and sanitized regularly, since they don't have a yard for her to access). Echo, I only worked with a couple times but reminds me greatly of his sister, Eola. Headstrong and somewhat ADD (just needs to mature) but quick to catch onto things and willing to do practically anything for a piece of kibble!

Happy eight months to you all! You're all loved for very different reasons and in different ways but the love is still true. No matter the course any of you take, you all make us proud! Good job, "E" litter!

Ally (Eola is with Coreena until tonight)

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  1. You're post made me cry! I love all four of you too, specially since you have all been "mine" for some amount of time! You are all so different and will do different things but all so perfect in your own ways!