Sunday, June 7, 2009

Help Please!

^Eola and I right after "getting her back"^
^Darling photo of Eva's first day as a CC^
^The difference between an active SDIT and a CC /wink/^
^I know, this is really pretty bad but hey, she's still a meerkat!^
The real reason for this post is I need help! Eola has two collars (technically three but the third is the black one I'm using as Eclipse's "puppy collar"). She has the red one I bought for her to wear back to Joy since I was keeping the pink one and then she of course has the pink one. I need help deciding which collar to use. I prefer the pink on her since it shows she's a girl and causes people to pause and say "boy or girl" before just assuming she's a he /wink/ It also looks pretty nice on her in my opinion. The red one, however, also looks extremely nice with her coat but I'm not sure if it really fits her... That's where you all come in. Can you please let me know which one you prefer on the girl?
^A streeeeetching "up" with both collars on^
^Alex was in a wierd mood and so Eola is "superdog" wearing her pink collar^
^Pink collar in her puppy coat^
^Red collar in her puppy coat^

Thanks for any input! I really can't decide and it's a nice, innocent post! :-D Eola will update later about her day today and our trip to the lake last week.
Ally & Alex w/ Eola, Teddy & Kira


  1. keep the red collar till the next swap so she can go to her new home in a new clean collar.

  2. I like the red myself, but I see I'm quite outnumbered. Glad that things have smoothed out for all of you!!

  3. ha ha I think the pink one won by a long shot!!

    And Ms Eola, life would have been good where you were going but I think it will be even better where you get to stay! You have lots and lots of people that love you. And that love your sister! She will pull through for many years just from the combined love for her if nothing else.