Monday, June 22, 2009

Hey! (By Eola)

Excuse me, Mom! I'm the one you're training right now!! I really don't mind sharing the spotlight with my brother and I know how much you love him (I DID watch you spend two days working on that ridiculous video of the kid... what's so special about him!?!)

If you would remember, this is my blog now /grin/ I have fun writing on it! I'm at work with Tia Coreena right now being bored but I can still write on a blog! How is that for multi-tasking?

You know what Mom made me do yesterday? She made me stay in the den, by myself while she took a shower, allll the way upstairs! I wasn't real comfortable but I decided to be good and be quiet /grin/ Mom was quite happy about that! Then she took me to a movie where they kept saying my Mima's nickname, spock, whatever that means. After I realized Mom wasn't happy with me diving for popcorn (there were lots of people around us to drop popcorn just for me!) I layed down on her sweater and slept the whole time, although I like to sleep under the chair in front of me and my back feet kept slipping and touching the girls in front of me. Don't worry, they patted my head and forgave me for kicking them! Then we got home and um... Mom worked on that stinking video again but she played with me too!

Then we worked on some of the things I do to make Mom happy AND get a kibble every now and then! First she worked on something we worked on in the morning too. I wasn't quite sure what she was wanting me to do but she had something on her foot (Editor's note: It's called a sock, sweet girl) and when I put it in my mouth she told me "Yes" (Editor's note: I try so very hard to say Yup but it slips my mind!) and then I got a kibble. After a couple times of that she was just looking at me and saying "tug". I wasn't quite sure what she wanted but I pulled my head back just a bit and I got a BIG YES and a couple kibbles! Apparently that was good /grin/ That was all in the morning... Yesterday afternoon she asked me to "get it" and told me "good" then said "tug" and I tugged that sucker a little bit. She told me Yes again and I got a kibble. The next time she told me to get it and tug and I tugged it a bit and looked at her... Nothing! What's the deal. So I sat and thought for a minute and then told Mom I was ready to try again. She told me to "get it" and "tug" and I pulled that stinking sucker right off her foot! Mom gave me a VERY BIG YES and I pranced, apparently like my brother does when he pulls off socks, and wiggled and got froo-froo ears and handed that sock over when told "thank you". I was sooo proud of myself! I even got another number of kibbles! Then Mom offered me her other foot and told me to "get it" and "tug" and I tugged that sock off too! I got it! Wahoo! That was easy, what else?

Then we worked on me avoiding kibble in Mom's hand unless she offered it to me... she has kibble in her hand and reaches at my collar. I'm supposed to ignore that kibble until she offers it to me! How mean is that!?! I do good though and ignore that kibble, sometimes even ignore kibble when it's offered to me and Mom has to say OK! I think I've got that one down!

Then we worked on "go around". I haven't had much practice on this (Editor's note: I've been slacking!) but I think I did well! I have to go BEHIND Mom to her other side, this is so strange as before I could only go in front of Mom! Again I did well though!

We then worked on one of my favorite commands ever! We worked on the me nudging a spot on the end of a stick! Sometimes I want to play with the stick, I LOVE sticks but usually I'm really good about touching my nose to that spot! Mom even held it all the way out yesterday and I "nudged" on command! It was so much fun! She even put it up against the wall and I nudged it against the wall! So much fun!

Mom says this weekend we're going up to see Joy again, I love Joy! I also get to walk beside the wheely chair I sat beside last time we were at Joy's. This should be fun! Mom is excited about it!

You know how much I like my kibble? I LOVE my kibble! BUT Mom hasn't been giving me kibble, well other than the TINY amount I get when Mom says it's training time... I've had to eat this wierd white concoction Mom made me... she calls it rice and cottage cheese... It's okay, I guess, but it's sure not no kibble!


And I guess Eclipse can have some air time on MY blog and I won't mind too much!


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  1. Barrett loved learning how to pull off socks! He always felt SO proud of himself:)