Sunday, June 14, 2009

K9 Celebration!

We'll start with our day Friday. Friday Coreena came down to Crystal's with me and once we got to leave there just after 4:30 p.m. we headed straight to the vet's office. No, nothing was wrong, we just wanted to get a current weight on Eola. We also looked at specialty diets for Ms. Eva but were just looking. Oh yeah, Eola weighs in at 45.4 lbs at 7.5 months :-D

After the vet's we headed to Wal-Mart which absolutely crazy! They're still remodeling and it's almost impossible to find anything. We did find white bandanas and iron on paper though, Eola even carried the iron on paper through the store some of the time and even picked it back up when she dropped it! /grin/ People loved it! We couldn't find any dye though so we had to head to another store. We decided Michael's would be a good idea so headed in there. We found the die we needed, a buckle for Eva's bandana (which didn't end up being used), a silver fabric pen and a pink bandana for Eola (since she has a jacket and she has a pink collar I wanted something a little different than Kira, Teddy and Eva's).

After that we came to my house, fed Eola and started dying the bandanas. We died 10 of them blue and 5 of them purple. That took quite awhile. Then while they were in the dryer I gave Kira a haircut (I am NOT a groomer and never intend on it) and Mom and Coreena chose a font for the dogs' names for the bandanas. Then we ironed on the dogs' names and Eva's special bandana. We made a bandana for Teddy and Kira and each puppy in the class.
Then I got all my stuff packed, all the dogs' stuff packed (including crates) and it loaded up in the car and headed to Coreena's around 9 p.m. Once there we bathed all four dogs (Rizzo was there too but already crated), gave them all a brushing and nail clipping had some dinner and went to bed after 11.
Ugh, I slept less than 5 hours all together from not being able to fall asleep and waking up in the middle of the night. But Teddy, Kira and Eola slept well!

We woke up just before 5:30, I showered and pottied my dogs, got them all fed and then I got us all ready for the day. We left the house just before 7 a.m. and headed up to Salem. At one point Eva got really ansy and was scratching at us and whining so we pulled over and Coreena took her out to pee on the side of the freeway /grin/ Ah the joys of traveling with a dog in kidney failure /wink/ We made it up unscathed just after 9 a.m.We went and made sure Eva's bandana was okay (picture below) with Joy and then went and got Teddy and Kira out of the car. After going into the bathroom and changing our shirts we put Teddy, Kira and Eva back in the car and grabbed the dog crates from the trunk.We set the crates up behind the JLAD booth then went and got the dogs out of the car. Eva and Teddy were crated and Kira was tied down to Teddy's crate. Eola went with Coreena and me to put cards in bags for the people attending the fundraiser. Eventually Eola and Eva traded places as people started showing up for registration. Karen and I manned registration while Coreena did the raffle tickets. Joy was running around everywhere /grin/ Eola came and joined me at one point and did well but before long became overwhelmed and a bit spazzy so got more crate time. The rest of the day is somewhat blurry, there were two JLAD demos (Fiona showing positioning, retrieving her leash and pushing the button on a 911 phone. Duncan showing removing clothing (jacket and socks), working with a wheelchair, delivering mail to a person at a counter and flipping the light switch). There was one therapy dog demo, a frisbee dog demo, a search and rescue demo, a couple doggone dancing demos, a fashion show and competitions. The competitions included costume, talent, will your dog eat anything (won by a lab of course!) and the most (hairiet, shortest, tallest, wiggliest tail, loudest bark). The whole day was a lot of fun albeit tiring! We got to meet Mandi and her puppy Halo, Joy's sister and niece, some of the other puppy raisers and got a bunch of free stuff! It was a great fundraiser despite it being a rainy day and I hope helped JLAD out a lot!

There were all sorts of dogs there including Collies, poodles, boxers, mastiffs (okay, only one), danes, shepherds, mixed breeds, labs, border collies, shelties, great pyrenees, irish wolfhounds, whippets, chihuahuas, poms, shepherds, australian shepherds, dachshunds, min-pins, dobermans and some others /grin/

At around 3:30 it was time for the raffle. Coreena and I had bought ten tickets each and put them in different bags (each of the seven baskets had a bag in front of it). The very first raffle my name was drawn! I never win anything! I was so excited when Coreena told me they called my name (lol, I totally wasn't listening). I went and got my basket and it included a little back pack that fits Teddy perfectly and matches my brand new treat pouch! Yes, it arrived! Can you guess when? Yesterday, while we were up at the K-9 Celebration so I didn't get to take it but I LOVE it! /grin/ And we got free Advantage for all the dogs! :-DFour of the seven raffle baskets went to people associated with JLAD. Mandi's mom won one (for a large dog, mine was for a small dog) and Mandi's niece won the grand prize one so Mandi's mom gave the one for a large dog to Coreena. That included a back pack for Eva that will enable her to go disc golfing with Max and even carry his discs /grin/ Then it pretty well over so we stayed and helped clean up then headed to the vet's for Eola's rabies shot (yes, it's late but the vet didn't have the rabies shots in and yesterday was the first chance we had to get it). Then it was time to head home with four very sleepy dogs (Teddy even slept in the car! He only laid down once on the way up and rarely even sits in a car) and I got home around 8 p.m. Thanks Tween!

It was an amazingly fun day! Picture post coming soon of our most recent outings with Eola.

Ally & Alex w/ Eola, Teddy & Kira :-D


  1. Looks like a fun day! Sounds like Eola was a god girl for it as well!

  2. Sounds like lots of fun! The dogs look so cute in their bandannas. =)