Friday, June 5, 2009

The Last Real Post

Hey all,

Alex here writing what will be the last post for the pups (the next ones will be stuff like status updates so they dont count :-) ). From my untrained opinion I have really enjoyed having the pups in the house and watching Ally work with em. I liked the spirit they have and the somewhat stubborn, although Eola is sweet she is still pretty headstrong.. which reminds me is a really good song by trapt and applies to both of the dogs. Both Ally and myself love those kinda dogs as they provide a challenge to see whose will is strong and how fun it is to see them grow into the balanced dogs they are meant to be. I did get used the the headstrong dogs from the sled dogs of alaska (where im from) and the labs that my father used to go duck hunting with him. I loved the way they were trained, all the hunting dogs we had were all trained to listen to me alone (who was like 5-8 years old) This showed me that dogs are meant to be followers of humans and that dogs being the leaders over humans is not a very good thing. Granted how they were trained is not what most trainers would consider proper it did show me the way a family is organized. I really dont know what more to write... never kept a journal or blog.... anywho... I have enjoyed the opporunity to get to know the sweet dogs we have had and to meet some very nice ppl (looking at Josh, Karen and Mary)

Sleep tight, dont let the bed bugs bite, if they do hit them with a shoe and say "I dont want to sleep with you!"

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