Sunday, June 7, 2009

Man oh man!

Hi all! Eola here!

Man, the last few days have been quite a ride! I thought I was supposed to stay with Mom and Dad (my fourth set but still Mom and Dad, doesn't detract from my other mom and dads though! I still love them!) the whole time but I ended up going with Tia Coreena to work on Monday. What's up with that!?! Then I went home with her after work and stayed with her. It was okay, other than she subjected me to being on tie-down! Even though she was sitting right next to me it still made me nervous so I whined a little bit. I then was Made to wake up at an absolutely ridiculous hour so slept all day at work, other than my mile walk at lunch with Tia though! Tuesday I could feel the emotion but I still behaved pretty well. Again I spent the night at Tia's and went to work with her on Wednesday. After work though I went home with Tia Crystal and got to see my mom again! I was very excited and ran right to her as soon as she called my name! I could feel her emotion too so behaved well and was very sweet, well I tried to be anyway.

After we left Tia Crystal's we went to the pet store. There I got a bully stix (YAY!) a new collar (um... why! Mine still fits fine!), two new little bowls and Mom and Dad got a bag of dog food that wasn't for me but my brother and sister. I could still feel the emotion but couldn't understand it. At home I got dinner as normal and I got to chew on my bully stix!!! (I LOVE those things!)

Thursday morning we went back to Tia Crystal's to babysit as normal but Tia Crystal came home really early with lots of bags of things. She handed me something and so I took it to Mom. Too bad I didn't know what it was, I'd have shredded it! It's something to take my hair off the couch! Do you know how hard I work to get my hair ON the couch in the first place!?!

Then Mima came over! Yay! I love my mima! Then we got in the car and I went back with my Tia at work. What!?! I thought I got to be with Mom today! All I kept hearing was something about a baby /sigh/ I'm the baby!

Friday morning I went back to see my mom at Tia Crystal's and again, I could feel the emotion. What is going on around here!?! Once again I was well-behaved... well... other than there were these amazingly captivating bugs flying around that I just couldn't ignore! /sigh/ Mom says we have to work on that little habit. Friday afternoon though the emotion was gone. Mom snuggled with me a lot and we went to Wal-Mart with cousin Emily and she held my jacket while I helped her keep safe with all the people and machines around. I did my job well and Mom was proud!

Friday evening the emotion came back really strong! Mom snuggled with me after I layed on her feet... She told me she was going to miss me laying on her feet at the computer. Why? I'm not going to stop laying on your feet, Mom, I'm loyal /kiss/ She cuddled with me a lot before she went to bed and let me sleep off my tie-down. I slept where I always do, on the floor at the foot of the bed with my front half under the bed using the blankets that fall off as a pillow. She was proud of me, again! The emotion was even worse on Saturday though! Dad and Mom changed my collar, put my jacket on me and a leash and we left after I got my breakfast. We were back at Tia Coreena's. What's up with this!?! Dad had to go back to work but Mom, Tia and Uncle Max were all emotional but I was still sweet when not trying to get Rizzo to play.

After awhile we all got in the car and left. No big deal, I just used Mom as a pillow and she rubbed my ears, which I love! When we got there we waited for a bit then Joy showed up! She's one of my other moms and I love her! Even better, she had my sister Eva with her! Mom loved on me a bit then let me go say hi to Joy. Joy switched my leashes. Why? Then I was put in the car. I didn't like that and was sticking me head and front feet out the window and trying to get out. They stayed out there and talked for a long time, I was worried so I whined. I didn't know what was going on!
Then! Then Joy came and got me back out of the car and gave me back to Mom! I was happy and behaved well! Oh man! Then we got in the car with my sister, Eva, Tia and Uncle Max! What was that trip about? Making me stay in the car? /sigh/ Humans...

Then we stopped somewhere else! We were at Petsmart! I LOVE that place! So many other dogs there and so many smells. But then Mom talked to a lady and they put a different type of collar on my face! Why, I hate those things! I had to wear it all the way through the store And in the car! When we got home (yay for home!) I got to play with my sister although it's kind of sad, I keep hearing things about her being sick and not living to be very old. I'll miss my sister!

Last night I got to sleep loose again and I slept in my same spot, I love sleeping loose and getting my morning belly rubs and smiling for Mom /grin/ Today after breakfast and got put back in the crate after chewing on toys for awhile. I hate the crate again! After all the emotion last week and yesterday I wasn't real sure I wasn't being left and cried and panted and scratched at the crate the whole 3 hours I was alone! Mom, why do you leave me!?!

After Mom and Dad got home though all was well. I got to have a rawhide and then go play with my sister again! A good day all together and Mom keeps talking about how I'm staying here. Where was I going? I don't know but I'm happy to stay with Mom!

/yawn/ it's my bedtime, my brother and sister are already sleeping and I can feel my eyes closing....


Kisses and tail wags (and the hair I give out free of charge)



  1. Great to hear about your day Sis! You know, I'm sick, but I don't plan on going anywhere until you reach your goals! I HAVE to see you and the "boys" graduate or at least go to your forever homes like me! Don't worry about me, I'm still kicking and don't plan on stopping soon! It was so fun to play with you last night and today and thanks for sharing your rawhides with me! Now, next time, you'll just have to share that bully stick with me too! /wink/

  2. I was just reading through the list of all the words you know ... wow pretty impressive!