Wednesday, June 10, 2009

More Help *Edited*

Barrett's Mom (soon to be Romeo or Ellie's mom) needs help deciding which collar to use for her newest charge (arriving soon). Please visit her blog here and cast your vote!

Eola's staying in her pink collar. Her red one is pretty official looking but I, along with many others it appears, prefer the pink one on her /grin/ Friday she'll get a bath and very thorough grooming for the K-9 Celebration on Saturday!

Remember it's this Saturday if you were planning on attending. I'll have Eola, Coreena will have Eva. Eva should have a blue bandana on, Eola will have her jacket, pink collar and black Halti. I may also take Kira, my American Eskimo Dog who will be wearing a pink bandana and purple GL /grin/ We hope to see you there! Again, it's this Saturday, the 13th, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Oregon State Fairgrounds (yellow gate).

I'm also looking for a black leather leash, same style as GDB's leashes but with the metal "pins" rather than the braided leather with silver hardware. If anyone knows where I can find one can you let me know? Thanks!

Ally & Eola


  1. Thanks for posting about my poll on your blog!!:) I'm sure it will get more voters in, I haven't had many....Again, thanks!