Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Pictures! and other things

As promised, here are the pictures of Eola's most recent activities, from newest to oldest. Top pictures are of my new, VERY expensive leash :-D It's next to the GDB style leash to show it's massive size but it's nice and I like it :-D (BTW the GDB leash I have is quite thick for a GDB leash, I hand picked it because I don't like when a leather leash feels like a thin string in your hand /grin/) It definitely needs to be worked in though as it's quite rough on the hands at this point. I also got a cd of videos from the K-9 Celebration from Joy in the mail today. The videos are being uploaded to youtube as I type and then will be posted to a new blog! Yes, another new blog! This one is strictly for JLAD events, fundraisers and outings. The link is on facebook as it would take too long and isn't really convenient to post pictures and videos on causes. Here's the link. I also got my treat pouch in the mail today from Cabana's raiser. I love it!

Oh and my big treat pouch that I ordered, I love it too! I'm just in love these days! I can open it wide open, open it half way or keep it closed. I can have up to FOUR different kinds of goodies in there for the girl, as long as they're different sizes/textures so I can tell them apart and there's a spot for the camera or a dried chicken strip for an extra amazing treat!

If you haven't checked out this post yet, do! Something to be added, the dvd says if you think it's too tight, it's probably too lose or just right! I know the dvd is boring but it helps so much! Also if the clip under the jaw slides sideways is a very easy way to see that the neck strap is too lose!

Now, the pictures. First set are today at Stewart Park, second from the other night at the school, she liked to help us pick up the discs and she carried a little boy's helmet for him all on her initiative, third are from Whistler's park last week and the last are from our trip to the lake a number of weeks ago! Enjoy!

Below: Eola is holding her own leash tight... is she telling me something? /wink/ (I actually LOVE to see pictures taken by others of when I'm handling pups so I can see if I have them on a tight leash or not... it helps me immensley to remember to keep a loose leash)
Two pictures below: She was rubbing her face on the ground in her "free time" to get the halti off, thus the weed on her face /grin/ This time she wasn't eating it although she does like to help maintenance mow the grass and get rid of leaves ;-)
Below: she has very nice posture, when she's watching something! In this case it was a chihuahua... It's nearly impossible to keep her in position at this point if something catches her attention... time to start practicing with yummy dried chicken strips (from the pet store) and the fruitable treats from the raffle basket

Below: In this picture the new leash is wrapped around my body and I'm not touching the leash at all with my hands. She is capable of holding positions on her own /wink/ She does however tend to forge ahead a bit if I'm not reminding her to stay in position, although treats are helping with that /wink/ We even had a successful walk yesterday without the Halti... I just had treats /grin/ If I corrected her for forging ahead she'd "back" right into position. Yay for improvement!
My new treat pouch and Eola. You can see her kibble and the fruit treats in the front pocket but the back one is closed. It held liver Charlee Bear treats
Yes, the window is closed, she's just enjoying the wind from Alex's open window :-D

She was a bit nervous doing an "up" on this basket so Alex gave her treats and pet her while she maintained the position. Really cute to see him help her through something instead of get frustrated and have me do it /wink/
Up at Whistler's Park last week. I LOVE this picture and hope to find the time to make it black and white other than the yellow flowers... hopefully it turns out well
Whistler's got new benches at some of the holes, Eola had to model
She's not tied but her leash was looped over this bench and got stuck. Soon as I looked at it I walked ahead of her and took a photo. Since it wasn't something she could untangle on her own so I did it for her /sigh/
The first spot we went at the lake a few weeks ago ended up being a VERY steep trail, when we went back to the car there was a deer standing right by the car. She's much closer to us than she looks

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