Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Quick Note *Edited*

The picture of the yellow lab doing a "lap" on Joy while in the wheelchair is a career change dog from GDB. Here's another picture of both the labs from Paws For Love Therapy Dogs appear to be GDB career change or retired dogs based on their bandanas /grin/ I just noticed or I would have gotten their names while we were up there. *Edit* Okay, so I should pay more attention, their names are on their jackets /grin/ Yellow one is Allegra and the black is Gillian (looks like)


  1. Yay for GDB cc'd dogs! So are they working service dogs, or in training?

  2. They're working therapy dogs /grin/ They were part of the Paws of Love Therapy Dog booth and demonstration :-D I saw their bandanas at the event but forgot to look closer /sigh/

  3. Allegra is actually a retired guide, raised in my club a long time ago - she was retired fairly early if I remember right - around 4 or 5 years old I believe. Their owner has come to a club meeting or two of ours in past years.