Saturday, June 20, 2009

This little guy...

Is coming back down south....

No, he's not been career changed. However he's no longer with Mary. (for personal reasons Mary is no longer a raiser for JLAD, nothing was done wrong though) As you know, Tabatha's greatly missing puppy raising, however, all the pups Joy has available at this point can't go to Tabatha for varying reasons. Eclipse is the only option. Tabatha will be getting him from Joy tomorrow.

It hurts, yes, to know he's coming back to town but not to my home, because I love the boy so much but it'll be nice to have regular updates and pictures and maybe even littermate pictures! I'll post an Eclipse video within the next couple days... have to choose a song /grin/

We'll have word tomorrow on when his kidneys will be tested among other things. It'll be so nice to have him in town again! Welcome back, buckwheat!

Ally & Eola

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  1. I gave my scouts honor to try and keep my blog updated as much as possible, and then had to admit I am not a scout, so I give my word!!