Monday, June 1, 2009


Now that everyone else has updated, what about me?

As Coreena stated, at class (only Coreena, Mary and I were at class) we were all given the option to either A) continue raising for JLAD and take the pups we had home with us, B) stop raising for JLAD and leave the pup there with Joy, C) take two weeks to think about it, or D) (In Coreena's case) take another pup and leave the current pup there.

Coreena obviously chose to no longer raise for JLAD. Through the struggles of raising Eva, who had health issues and was difficult to take in public and then Evett who had confidence issues and was impossible to take to work she become emotionally detached. She distanced herself from the pups, training and organization because that's what she does /wink/ It's a form of self-preservation and I understand it completely.

Mary's working through her issues with Eclipse and is continuing to raise him.

I have few issues with Eola, in fact for the most part we get along great. I also am extremely intriqued with training these dogs. There are of course some things with the organization that simply don't work with me /grin/ No one's at fault but it's not for me. However, those parts are already done for the time being and will not affect Eola and my relationship at all. That simply means that After my time with Eola is over I will be joining Coreena with our beloved guide dogs again /grin/

Eola and I are beginning to work well together (with the aid of the GL) and are enjoying learning new things and I greatly enjoy seeing her settle in, respond better, maintain her energy level and develop into a solid dog. In fact, for the Very First time in the three weeks she's been with me we were able to leave her crated for 2.5 hours yesterday with No barking that we heard! That's a great level of improvement over barking for 7 hours in the crate. She's still extremely stressed in the crate, not taking food, panting excessively, etc. But we've improved.

Why did I make the decision to stay? The parts of JLAD and me that don't get along aren't "butting heads" right now, giving up Eola at the next swap will be easier than giving her up after three weeks and Feeling like I'd let her down... I know I wouldn't be, but in a sense I would be. I wouldn't be leaving for any good reason at this point, so I"m sticking around /grin/

The blog will be updated when we do anything exciting /grin/ Eola will be spending Coreena's four work days at work with her. She'll be spending Monday, Tuesday and every other Friday night with Coreena as well. I've gone down to part-time puppy raising /wink/ but at this point in my life I'm okay with that. At least we're both still involved, I'll be able to get the rest I need, along with some other things.

Since it's now public knowledge, after Eola's gone onto her next raiser or client Alex and I will be joining Coreena and Max as raisers for Guide Dogs of the Desert. In a lot of ways they're like Guide Dogs for the Blind but use a greater number for breeds, and are willing to have remote raisers. /grin/ Again, we have Nothing against GDB. In fact we contacted the local leader and once again got the response that we may not return to raising for them at this point. At that was stated is that she doesn't think at this point that the time is right. Um... ok. So GDD it is /grin/

I have, in no way, detached myself emotionaly from JLAD, my interest is still piqued, my heart is still involved. In fact yesterday we talked to a waitress at the restuarant we went to who has Two autistic daughters. They're older than normally thought of when thought of autistic children but I gave her a card and she had tears welling up in her eyes just thinking of the good a well-trained dog could do much less a trained Service Dog! The magnitude of what Eola, Eclipse, Eva, Echo, Evett, Elly and Fiona could do for someone is still greatly enthralling to me and helping them get to that point is an amazing feeling.

I think that's all from here /grin/ I leave you with my newest Photoshop fun with a 'Bola picture /wink/

Ally w/ Emily & Aiden

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