Tuesday, June 9, 2009

What is this!?!

I went to Tia Crystal's yesterday with my mom to help her babysit and there was a new critter there! I know what this critter is as I've lived with them before with my first mom but I was so excited to be around another one as I just love to play with them! They call this little guy Harrison, they say he's the reason we were at that place with all the doggy smells the other day!

This is what he was doing when we first got there. I think I intimidated him a little bit. Sorry, buddy, I didn't mean to!I wanted to meet him so badly! I thought if I cuddled up to Dad while Harrison was on his lap it might go over a little bit better /grin/ He wasn't very fond of that idea!Mom thinks he's just the cutest little thing. She says when Tia Crystal gets tired of him he'll get to come live with us! I'd like that! Mom misses her old kitty cat and can't wait to have another one around. What, us dogs aren't enough? Eventually he got pretty comfortable with me... he was chasing me leash as I walked through the house. Um, freaky! When Emily was throwing his ball for him I'd go get it and he'd chase it when I dropped it when Mom asked me to. He even had the gall to chew on my rawhide! How dare him! I just looked at him though, didn't show any toy possessiveness! Yay for progress!

He's already really comfortable in his new home, so much so he steals the baby's seat! BOL! I wish I could fit in that!

That's all for now. I'm at Tia's right now with my sister, I'll write more when I get home!

Snuggles and Kisses,


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