Sunday, June 21, 2009

You'll Always Be My Total Eclipse Of The Heart

I love you, 'Ciperooni!


  1. He says he loves you too!!! And thanks Mom for the Video!!

  2. Very sweet! I really like that song at the end, I wish there had been more of it in the slide show:)

  3. I too REALLY like "Total Eclipse of the Heart" but it doesn't exactly fit a puppy /grin/ I didn't use more of it due mainly to the fact that it says "Every now and then I fall apart" /grin/ since Eclipse is with other raisers and not in formal training I have to be careful what I use /grin/ I was considering using more of Total Eclipse of the Heart but some of what the song portrays isn't appropriate. Although I may make a shorter slideshow for the boy :-D