Sunday, July 5, 2009


leaves at 7 o'clock tonight.

It was my decision. Her and I are not getting along due to my attitude. I don't feel I'm helping her any, she's not progressing and while once I could deal with her "enthusiasm" about life, I'm not currently able to. I saw her yesterday (remember, Coreena has her for the week while I watch my other sister's kids) for only about ten minutes and she drove me bonkers.

It was a pretty easy decision to make but I'm a little torn. I won't be taking on another puppy from JLAD (also a personal decision) and I'm a little upset about cutting my time as a raiser for this organization short but it's for the better. Eola being with me was doing nobody any good and I'm afraid has almost ruined Alex for puppy raising. But not quite! I'll update again in a few days.

Until then, enjoy your puppies!

Ally, Teddy & Kira

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