Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Is such a very endearing, sweet puppy!
I'll admite, the texture of his hair makes him look somewhat terrier-ish!
Yesterday we were able to trim just a bit of the hair around his eyes but the clippers and scissors made him very nervous so instead he made a very good decision about leaving my dinner alone /grin/
He sits very funny, arching his back and tucking his rear in... he's also got Crazy hair on his back and chin
He's very calm, though and mostly content to lay around and watch things or sleep.
He's not much smaller than 10 month old Eva, although she's not a big dog, he's not even five months old yet!
He went to work today. My first time having a job where a pup could accompany and a pup around I could take!
He did awesome while with me at my desk. Made me very comfortable with having a dog there. He chewed on this orange bone for maybe 30 seconds and the rest of the time....
did more of his favorite past time... sleeping!
His adorable puppy bib! Yes, it's got some stains on it but they're not as obvious in person! Apparently they're from the Advantage that Coreena administered that morning... They're gone now!
After Coreena's team meeting was mine. When I went in the break room I couldn't pass up this picture, although I do wish I had a better camera to use ;-)
So calm with people talking all around him!
I took him on a very short walk (probably a half mile) on my lunch and when I brought him back I went up to Coreena and he immediately went under her desk, sat while I took photos then layed down and went to sleep!
During my lunch I got the news that I could go home early due to low call volume (I have a seeming infection that I'm trying to fight off... missed 1.5 days of work since Friday) so I went and got Charlie's stuff out of Coreena's car and we hit the road. This picture was taken after we got to my house
He was introduced to Teddy and Kira immediately, they did well together, he completely ignores them, which is perfect!
Then I took all four dogs outside. Charlie greatly appreciated the opportunity to relieve himself off-leash (we're working hard on getting him comfortable doing so on leash but it takes time) then he ran around exploring. I love the size difference between 22 week old Charlie and 11 week old Remy.
Emily loves dogs of all sorts and knows that the dogs wearing a jacket means they can go in stores with us. I put Charlie's bib on "her" wolf (it's actually Alex's /grin/) and she loved it! Although it swallows the wolf so she calls it his blanket /grin/
Charlie was so calm around the other dogs I was able to poop scoop the whole back yard in peace. Then we played some ball with a soft football and he was done with expending energy /grin/ I wish I could get a good shot of the Size of his feet!
Although he's not technically "my" puppy for the next 13/14 months he's certainly "half mine" as we are unofficially co-raising him. I Love working with dogs on their obedience and such and enjoy spending time with PITs. He's a good boy, I can't wait til I'm in a good position to raise a pup of "my own" again!


  1. Those stains are actually from the Advantage Multi that I applied this morning and promptly put his jacket on. Oops.