Sunday, September 6, 2009


This little guy isn't with me right now /grin/ He's with Coreena getting some quality bonding in right now. Instead, I have a Very large 6/7 year old male golden staying with me for the weekend.
He is deathly afraid of linoleum so he's either in the backyard or the den. He's very well behaved but is a big dog who smells like a dog! Just helping out a friend by watching him for her, he'll be gone this afternoon but we've enjoyed having him here.

I forgot while I was watching Eva that we took a picture of her nudging the cupboard door shut. She caught on very quickly, I love clicker training! It takes the dogs to a much higher level of understanding much more quickly than a voice bridge can do.
As an example; I worked with Charlie on "down" over a period of two days with the clicker. We didn't start word association really until Friday. On Saturday at work he already had it generalized to downing on voice command only both inside and outside of work and we worked on maintaining that position until released. Next I think we'll work on his positioning and then probably "get it", "bring it here", "hold" and "give" although we'll work on the formal "come" as well as "watch me" during the same time frame. We've also begun setting the foundation for "tug" by playing with the fleece tug with him and clicking when he grabs it. I tell him "drop" while he's still holding it then give him a treat. He's got Maintaining things down! The hard part? Getting him to Not maintain it! He'll hold that fleece tug in his mouth even when taking a treat so we really need to get his "drop" down quickly. He also enjoys holding his leash, I think soon once he knows "get it" that we'll work on "get the leash" since he likes it so much. Oh and his "down"! When working with him on that it's somewhat difficult to get him to get Out of a down! I have to get all goofy and jump around while giving him the release command to get him to get up!

This is a video of Eva nudging the cupboard door shut. Yes, I look awful and please forgive the laugh, Rizzo was in the cupboard door and Eva just kept pushing on it! Poor Rizzo! Eva's learned that the sound of the door shutting is what she's looking for so she just keeps nudging until she can hear it shut!

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