Tuesday, September 22, 2009


harlie got a new "do"! Okay, so his face just got a thorough clipping. It's not an outstanding job, but I was tired of his beard catching everything that got near his face. Not only that but he "doo'ed" in his crate last night. That was fun. Ah well, I'll just have Alex take him out more during the day so he'll respond better to him before it's bedtime.
He's definitely got a bit of a poodle personality though, he refused to go back in his crate until it was spotless. His face is also quite "poodle-esque" at times. Like this morning after I got home from work.
Another look at his "do" He was very excited and kept grabbing his leash so we traded the leash for his blue wubba.
A few play bows and hops around the room later it was chill out and cuddle time.
I attempted to take a nap, but was unsuccessful. Instead we introduced the "dress" behaviour. As soon as Charlie sees this He does this We got some good progress, clicking him putting his nose under the jacket but my signal that he's done? He lays down and looks at me. By this point it was time for his morning nap, but the kibble and liver treats in the bowl were enough to keep his eyes open for awhile The hair on his chin is crooked but he still detests being clipped (just with scissors, haven't attempted clippers again yet, I'm awful with those!) so we did what we could
That's all from here. And not even a mention of my darling Eclipse.

Ally, Teddy, Kira, Charlie & Eclipse in my heart


  1. I love Charlie's new do! He looks much cuter with his fur close cropped. I say get scissor happy!!

  2. His hair cut is VERY nice! I love it!!!!